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Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility

Sagittarius and Gemini Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Sagittarius and Gemini

A Sagittarius and Gemini match-up is an intriguing and intellectual match for both. As opposite signs in the zodiac world, there’s a chance these two may not click, but if they do, there’s nothing stopping this dynamic duo. With Gemini as the communicator and Sagittarius the philosopher, these two will never run out of things to say, and as socially-active signs, they’ll also never run out of things to do. Occasionally, all that thinking and chatting could lead to information overload, and maybe even a disagreement. However, it won’t be long before these two are back on track.

When it comes to the passionate side of life, these two like it playful and fun. Whether it’s trying new things or places to try them, each likes variety and strives to keep lovemaking a fresh and exciting experience. Travel is something that appeals to both Sagittarius and Gemini. Sagittarius especially loves to overnight it under a wide open, star-filled sky. Neither has to worry about boredom in this relationship.

Love by Element:  Fire and Air

On the zodiac wheel, Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite signs, giving them a unique dynamic. However, their elements, Fire and Air, also present a challenging, yet sometimes rewarding connection that has few dull moments. Air can certainly fuel a fire making it burn brighter and larger, but a great gust of wind can also blow that fire out. Sagittarius can get passionate and reactive about a cause or situation, whereas Gemini’s objective demeanor can make them appear uncaring. Sagittarius takes action, where Gemini stops and analyzes. The two can frustrate each other, but they can also provide each other with differing views and perspectives that keep these true lovers of learning interested enough to hang in there.

The Good Side of Sagittarius and Gemini

When two opposite signs find a love match like Gemini and Sagittarius, there’s no guarantee it will work—in fact, it’s a simple matter of it will or it won’t, but when it does work, it’s magical. The communicator and the philosopher, respectively, have endless conversations and even enjoy a little debate and disagreement once in a while to keep it spicy. This relationship can be all about broadening each other’s horizons. Travel and continuously being on the go is another area where these two click. In bed, the archer and the twins have a hot and spicy connection. As long as they’re having fun, they can only grow closer.

The Bad Side of Sagittarius and Gemini

Whether they live under the same roof or not, it will still be hard for Sagittarius and Gemini to squeeze in some “just us” time. These two will have to get creative if they plan on spending time together, and once they’ve mastered that, they’ll also have to work on emotions. Since these two educated “thinkers” are always on the go, it’s often difficult to spend time just “feeling.”  Hopefully, one or both of them will have some planets in water signs to keep the emotions stirring. Unless Sagittarius and Gemini are fully committed to one another, too much time apart will not be their friend as neither is known for their fidelity, and both can be notorious flirts.

Keys to a Successful Union

Sagittarius and Gemini are six signs apart on the zodiac wheel. That means they catch each other’s attention from directly across the zodiac wheel. They can be drawn together by a magnetic force we sometimes call “opposites attract.” These two have a unique 180-degree view of each other, and they won’t be afraid to share their observations—good or bad.

Here’s the key to success: Opposing signs like Sagittarius and Gemini need to find a balance between their similarities and extreme differences. Both like variety in a relationship, however, in this connection, both are willing to bend because the energy is so great, full of laughter and adventure with little chance of boredom.


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