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Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility

Sagittarius and Leo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Sagittarius and Leo

Get ready for the grand entrance of Sagittarius and Leo, a magical, powerful and passionate match. These two buoyant souls enjoy each other’s company, and others will love just being in their aura. They’re the life of the party. Being four signs apart on the zodiac wheel makes this a harmonious connection between two people of the same element, and these two fire signs know how to set the night on fire. Together, Sagittarius and Leo have an optimistic outlook on life and a devil-may-care attitude about spending money. Hopefully one or both of these two have a good income, where money flows as seamlessly as their witty communications.

When Sagittarius and Leo meet, there’s an instant and undeniable spark. That’s just a warm-up to the heat these two can generate as they take their romance to the next level. Lovemaking is playful and romantic in the beginning, but it heats up quickly, becoming an extraordinarily passionate and powerful connection. Leo adores Sagittarius’ body, mind, and soul. The only thing Leo will love more are random, heartfelt compliments from their sweetheart. Sagittarius and Leo know how to make a relationship work.

Love by Element:  Fire and Fire

Sagittarius and Leo are drawn to each other because Fire always seeks Fire. This couple burns brightly, especially when they first meet. Their connection can create a beautiful bonfire, but it can also burn out so fast that it becomes a flash in the pan. If Sagittarius and Leo want to keep the flames burning strong, even when their true differences eventually appear, Sagittarius will have to play it smart. Flattery goes a long way with Leo, enabling Sag to get their way without making Leo feel like they’re giving in too much. Leos need flattery and attention like they need air, which of course is what keeps the love fires burning. If they can maintain the heat and stoke the fire, this couple has a real chance at love.

Keys to a Successful Union

Sagittarius and Leo are a passionate and fiery pair who are creative, enthusiastic. They love travel and adventure. Born four signs apart, means these two are both made of the same element, in this case, Fire. It also means that this is one relationship that finally makes sense and makes these two feel at home with each other and within themselves.

Here’s the key to success: Keep the romance alive, compliment each other, say thanks, and do something sweet, just because. Maintain a little mystery. You may feel comfortable to let it all hang out, but you still want to hold onto that initial attraction. You’ll both appreciate the effort.

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