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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope: 2021

The Year Ahead
How you see, present, and define yourself is still under revision with the Great Transformer, Pluto in Capricorn, navigating slowly through your first house of self. Who you once thought you were is not who you are today, and that’s a wonderful thing! Keep changing, keep growing, and become all you are capable of being. That’s what a transit like this is all about and you are doing a fantastic job.

The Great Benefic, Jupiter, and the Great Teacher, Saturn, have moved into your second house of material affairs and finances. Jupiter increases and expands everything he touches so you can expect your finances to improve this year. Of course, you’ll have to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, but overall, this year bodes well for an uptick in your overall net worth.

Saturn keeps things real. He ensures that you continue to work, and to work hard for your success and achievement so that it has real value to you. If something is simply handed to you there is very little growth or learning inherent in that experience. However, if you have to work for something, create a plan to manifest something, and show up at the beginning, middle, and end of the process, you gain great wisdom as you go. Not only can you repeat the process yourself for your future benefit, but you can teach and share it with others. And that is exactly how you “become the change you want to see in the world.”

This year the ideal times for meeting someone new, or for refreshing and deepening your connection with your partner are:
Apr 15 – May 9
Venus, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Romance moves into Taurus and lights up love, romance, passion, and fun in your chart. Venus rules Taurus, so her power is at full tilt in this sign, where she revels in her sensuous beauty and ability to attract attention without even trying. You may not be comfortable with this much energy coming your way but try to relax and enjoy it. Not everything requires struggle in order to have value.
Jun 3 – Jun 27
Venus enters Cancer, activating marriage, partnership, and commitment in your chart. Venus evokes tenderness and nurturing energy during this transit, and if you are already partnered, it’s an ideal time to pamper your beloved. If you’re single, your kind-heartedness attracts suitors. Just make sure you don’t say yes to someone looking for a nurse, a purse, or a mommy.
Sep 11 – Oct 7
Venus is in Scorpio is activating friendship, groups, social engagements, and humanitarian affairs in your chart. This means you’re not likely going to meet a special someone sitting at home alone. Get out and involve yourself with a group or a cause that speaks to your heart. Let a friend set you up on a blind date and take a risk. It could be so very worth it in the end!
Nov 6 – Into 2022
Venus is in your sign Capricorn where she joins Pluto in your first house of self-esteem, self-confidence, and how you walk in the world, and helps you explore the process of reinventing and redefining yourself. Have fun with this and remember, there’s nothing quite as attractive as someone who believes in themselves and keeps their heart open to others.

As mentioned above, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are transiting your second house of prosperity, expanding your consciousness and deepening your skills as they go. The North Node is retrograde in your sixth house of work, giving you the opportunity to rethink how you want to make money, how you want to earn an income, and what kind of work speaks to your Soul. You have the chance to shift from having a job, to having a career, to having a vocation that fulfills your life purpose. Go big or go home! While you are typically risk averse, this is the kind of risk that’s worth taking. You have far more to gain than you have to lose. Believe in yourself and follow what lights you up inside and excites you. You can just as easily earn income from that as you can doing anything else.

Personal Growth/Spirituality
Lean into spiritual practices like meditation, contemplation, and self-reflection and steer clear of short cuts to altered states like drugs or alcohol. Create the kind of life for yourself that you don’t want to escape from.

Making the Best of 2021
A reading with a Career Advice Psychic can help you navigate a professional path successfully without taking the wrong fork in the road. Of course, you’ll learn something from each choice you make, but if you can make choices that offer more fulfillment and less pain, then why not do that?

A reading with a California Psychics Astrologer can give you a window into, and an overview of, your entire life and guide you through the challenges as well as the new paths and directions that are opening to you in 2021.

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