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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope: 2022

The Year Ahead
Saturn, the great teacher, continues his journey through Aquarius and your second house of money, security, and core values. This is where you roll up your sleeves, fortify your will, and get down to the sometimes hard work of building your empire. Or at least building a secure world around you, complete with accomplishment and productivity. This transit helps you stabilize your life and your identity, beginning by discovering what you truly value. So much has changed in the world of late, it’s likely affected your values. Perhaps you once prized owning expensive items. Now, after some of life’s recent hardships, you may have a higher regard for personal relationships. If that’s the case, your life and choices may shift considerably. Once you’re clear about your values then you can begin to create your material world consciously and accordingly. This transit demands you take stock of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual resources. Having done so, you can then tend to the areas that are depleted or undeveloped, creating a well-rounded and rewarding life.

Jupiter, the great benefic, is in Pisces, bringing his energy, optimism, and goodwill to your third house of communication and community. It’s like the Universe hands you a megaphone and asks you to use it to communicate higher principles, share love, and improve the lives of those around you. Lean into your communication skills and look for avenues and platforms to share your ideas and insights. What you may take for granted could be new and revolutionary information for someone who’s never encountered philosophy or wisdom like you have to share. The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune on April 12 adds a depth of spirituality and deep compassion to your communications, making them truly life-changing. Jupiter moves into Aries and your fourth house of home and family on May 10, remaining there through October 27. Your nest, the domestic arts, and your bio-tribe receive the blessings he offers, after which he returns for another six-week run through your third house again.

This year, the ideal times for meeting someone new, or for refreshing and deepening your relationship with your partner are:

Jan 1 – Mar 5
Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and romance spends a lengthy amount of time in Capricorn in your first house of self. This transit actually began back on November 6 of 2021 and includes a retrograde period from December 10 through January 29! You are developing a softer side of yourself that begins with self-appreciation and self-love. Once you know how to truly love yourself, you’re able to attract a partner that reflects that. This is an important, life-changing transit. Fortunately, it’s also an enjoyable one. Venus makes a return visit at the end of the year, arriving in your first house again on December 11. Consider this an opportunity to review and reinvent yourself once again.
May 28 – June 21
Venus arrives in Taurus, bringing all her earthy beauty to your fifth house of love, romance, and passion. You know what you want and what you like in a suitor, and because you’re clear about that you’re able to attract that in a partner. You may long for commitment but use this transit to really know your love interest. It’s worth the investment of time and energy to do so.
July 17 – Aug 10
Venus in Cancer arrives in your seventh house of partnership ready for commitment, and ready to take the next step in your relationship. She is deeply nurturing of those she loves, which extends to her partner. Keep in mind that mothering can dampen passion. Otherwise, enjoy the depth of heart connection this transit brings.
Oct 23 – Nov 15
Venus moves into passionate Scorpio in your eleventh house of friendship and groups, demanding to be seen, heard, and worshipped! At the same time, there’s an almost secretive side to this transit, which adds a note of irresistible mystery to your allure. Enjoy the attention but be wise in your choices. Your libido is strong, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be in charge.

Ambitious Mars and gracious Venus arrive in Aquarius simultaneously, joining Saturn in your second house of money on March 6. This is a tremendous wave of energy and power that you’ll want to harness and make good use of. You’ll be able to implement your ideas and get projects off to a great start. Consider learning how to invest or exploring a new income stream. Prosperity chases you during this transit, now you just need to let it catch you!

Personal Growth/Spirituality
Pluto in your first house of self has you in a constant state of transformation, and that’s a good thing, although it may not be a comfortable one. By learning to surrender to the death of the old, you create a space for the birth of the new.

Making the Best of 2022
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