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Gemini Yearly Horoscope: 2018

The Year Ahead

Being an air sign, your Gemini 2018 Horoscope says you’ll love the overall changing landscape of 2018. For you, it’s time to get real and get clear about what is and isn’t working in your life. The five eclipses we’ll experience this year will circle around your close and long-distance friendships and relationships. They’ll also focus on how you communicate within your world. You’ve also got some serious astrological focus on your sixth house of daily work and reputation and your eighth house that covers co-mingled money and close, personal relationships. Intense? At times. But it’s nothing you can’t handle (with a little TLC). And if you play your cards right and have confidence in your actions (without burning bridges) you’ll feel like it all turned out just the way you hoped it would. You love being right!

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Love and Relationships

In December of 2017, after two-and-a-half years in your seventh house of partnerships and committed relationships, Saturn moved into its home base, Capricorn, representing your eighth house of shared values, co-mingled money, personal relationships, and private encounters. When it comes to relationships, Saturn in your eighth house is all about intimacy—not just creating it, but maintaining it as well. You’ll be more cautious about letting people into your inner circle than in previous years and you may find yourself weeding your garden of friendships. You may even say farewell to superficial relationships. This affects not only love relationships but all relationships. However, if you’re in a relationship and the time is right, then after years of avoiding complete commitment, you’ll probably feel more focused and ready to make it official.

The Eclipses

Two of the five eclipses in 2018 will occur in Leo, a sexy sign compatible with your own. This is your third house of communications that helps you express ideas—the house your sign rules. First, the lunar eclipse of January 31. For some of you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to start a conversation with someone new and interesting. For those already in a relationship, this eclipse will magnify the current state of communication, according to your Gemini 2018 Horoscope. If it’s good it gets even better but if not, then speak your mind (nicely) to gain clarity. The last eclipse of the year is a solar eclipse on August 11 in the same sign. Whatever happened as of the January 31 eclipse will now become an aha moment. This means you’ll know exactly why the Universe gave you the power to speak up and change things for the better.

Money and Career

Expansive and expressive Jupiter moved into Scorpio, your sixth house, in October 2017 where it will remain until November 2018. Jupiter, like Venus, is one of the Universe’s most beneficent planets. In this house Jupiter wants you to succeed financially and professionally, and you will, as long as you’re focused, practical, and above-board. If you’re set on the expansion of a business, Jupiter in this house will help you form unique and original ideas that will seem almost effortless to manifest.

A No-Nonsense Approach

One of the most aggressive and guiding forces in your Gemini 2018 Horoscope (at least when it comes to work and career) is Mars who will spend no less than five months this year in your sixth house of daily work and reputation. You’ll have a no-nonsense approach to work and get ahead, and that includes the quality of your coworkers. No slackers allowed, especially from May 16 through August 12 and then again from September 10 through November 15. The good news about Mars in your sixth house is that by the time you’re through, you’ll be left with people you can trust and you’ll know who your real allies are.

Fight to Resolve Things or Let Them Go

You still have Pluto in your eighth house of shared resources and their connection to intimate relationships and sharing. In 2018 you may experience some heavy periods where you’re dealing with mortgages, money, and resources in general. Especially around the time of the July 12th solar eclipse in Cancer. Cancer is the sign of home and family and it’s your second house of cash on hand. It’s time to decide what’s worth fighting for and resolve to let some things go, especially if the disagreement is perpetual. Your Gemini 2018 Horoscope is all about clearing the way so you’re able to enjoy what remains.

You and the Universe

The February 15 solar eclipse and the August 27 lunar eclipse (both in Aquarius) will touch your ninth house. In February you may feel the desire to spread your wings and explore your spirituality, the world, and all the people in it. By the August eclipse, you’ll know if this was just a phase or a life-changing event. Eclipses are known for that.

Overall, your Gemini 2018 Horoscope speaks of a changing landscape—physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Now that you have the GPS coordinates for 2018, you can use your free will to choose what roads you’ll take.

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