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Leo Yearly Horoscope: 2019

Ambitious Plans, Exciting Encounters, and Philosophical Changes

When it comes to working and living your life’s purpose, the need to do something that’s meaningful to you will become stronger in 2019 partly due to Uranus’ move into Taurus in March. Additionally, you’ll want to make changes in the areas where you’re done with the status quo, eliminating that which no longer serves you. The planet that will help you get the job done is Saturn. Saturn has occupied your sixth house of daily habits for quite some time, however, in 2019, it combines energies with Pluto and even underworld Neptune, forcing you to dig deep to uncover the life you want to create on every level. Spiritually, physically, and energetically, this year will be both challenging and exhilarating. If you follow your heart, you’ll see by year’s end that all of the hard work was worth it. Now let’s take a deeper look at your 2019 horoscope.


Single Leos will enjoy the end of January when lovable Venus and fortunate Jupiter help to make your love life come alive. Dating becomes exciting, and you could very possibly meet your true love at this time even if you’re not necessarily looking. Both singles and especially couples will love February’s Aquarius new moon. New moons signal new beginnings so this would be a perfect time to get engaged, plan a wedding or vow renewal, according to your 2019 horoscope. The love fires keep burning when Venus enters your seventh house of one-on-one relationships in early March.

The time for all Leo lovers to be mindful is June and September. Imaginative Neptune and expansive Jupiter will form two tiresome and taxing squares between two relationship zones. Jealousy and suspicions surrounding a relationship may cause some tense moments. When Neptune is involved, you’ll want to make sure your thoughts are based in reality before jumping to conclusions.

The Sun in your sign in July will bring out the roaring lion in you. Try not to say something irreparable because the Aquarius full moon in August will shine a light on all that’s right in love. You know better than most that making up can be the best part of a disagreement.


It’s hard to separate your career forecast from your money and finances. After all, work is how you make the money you rely on. However, once radical and impulsive Uranus sets up shop in Taurus in early March, the call to change things up career-wise will loom large. During the next seven years, the urge to change your personal path will be strong even if you’re already doing something meaningful and personally fulfilling. This is just the start, according to your 2019 horoscope. This is also the connection between your career and your financial security. You’ll search for ways to follow your dreams without shirking your financial responsibilities.

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to make changes all at once or in a hurry. Some relief comes in December 2019 as you begin to get clearer on ways to move your ideas forward. One possibility is Jupiter’s move into your partnership house right as December starts. Maybe you don’t have to do this alone. A mid-December Jupiter/Uranus trine will alight your way, and you’ll start to see the possibilities and ways to make your vision come to life. Also, a new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn on December 26 will bring even more changes to the table when it lands in your house representing daily work and habits. Remember, this is just the beginning of this transit; you’ll have many ideas and many new and interesting possibilities to come.

Money & Finances

Financially, 2019 looks to be a good year. You’ll see evidence of this right from the start of the year, most especially in February around the time of the full moon in Virgo highlighting your income and possessions. Around this time you may decide to change gears and do something you feel more passionate about, as opposed to what you might be doing currently. You’ll have to weigh the cost of following your heart while maintaining financial stability. With a little bit of courage and planning, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Best Dates

Your best dates in 2019 are January 22 and November 24 thanks to two Jupiter/Venus conjunctions in your fifth house dealing with love, romance, passion, and creative expression. As mentioned earlier, this conjunction will have a powerfully positive effect on your love life in January. Also, when it happens again in November, it will help to smooth over any rough spots, if any, in an ongoing relationship. Alternatively, if you’re still single when November rolls around, the universe could surprise you with a new and quite special introduction before the end of 2019, leading to a bright 2020.

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