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Leo Yearly Horoscope: 2020

The Year Ahead
This year brings a tremendous focus on your work, routines, health, and service to others. With Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn activating the sixth house in your solar chart, you’ll find that the irons you’ve had in the fire, work wise, come to fruition this year and new opportunities seem to stream toward you from every direction. You are optimistic and filled with enthusiasm, and that’s contagious to everyone who works with you, including clients and customers.

If you’re not fulfilled by the job you have, this is an ideal time to find a new one that you love. Give some thought to career and vocation as opposed to looking for work or a job. Explore what lights you up and excites you, and then pursue that. If it requires more education or training, this is also an excellent time to pursue those. Be mindful that you don’t overload yourself and slide into workaholism. Strive for balance and take time off on a regular basis so you can replenish your energy and stay vital and healthy.

You have the opportunity this year to look at your habits and the routines you keep and to honestly assess whether they are enhancing your health and your life or harming them. If you are engaging in behaviors that are harming you, this is the time to change them for ones that are beneficial. This includes your physical, emotional, and mental health, and if you need help and support to make these changes you will find that the people, programs, and approaches you need will appear almost magically once you make up your mind to tackle something. Last but not least, if the work you do is not in service to others, you may want to look for an organization or a cause that is dear to your heart and volunteer; what you give will be just a tiny portion of what you will receive when you do.

This year the ideal times for meeting someone new, or for refreshing and deepening your connection with your partner are:
April 4 – Aug 8
Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and romance is in Gemini and activates friendship and social engagements in your chart. This bubbly, light energy is super attractive, and it is also extremely social and outgoing. You can parlay this into great fun with your partner, or if single, it will be easy to meet people who will be drawn to you and want to spend time with you. Venus goes retrograde from 4/13 – 6/25 so this is a long transit. Socialize, have fun, and walk away from anyone that doesn’t light you up.
Sept 7 – Oct 3
Venus moves into your own sign of Leo in your first house and highlights your self-confidence, self-esteem, and attractiveness. Go big or go home! During this transit you are larger than life, command the spotlight and center stage, and thoroughly enjoy the limelight. Look for someone who is not easily intimidated and who enjoys your big energy and persona. If partnered, you are loyal and looking for extra affection – ask for what you want, and you stand a better chance of getting it.
Sept 6 – Oct 2
Venus moves into Sagittarius in your fifth house and fires up love, romance, and fun, lots and lots of fun! If you’ve been considering travel, then this is an ideal time to book an adventure. You may find yourself attracted to someone from a different country or culture, or someone who thinks and sees the world in a much different way than you do. Viva la difference!

Work is highlighted this year and you’ll find that prosperity flows to you all year long. You’ll want to be mindful not to overspend; Saturn in Capricorn rewards hard work, maturity, and level-headedness, so avoid debt and extreme behavior. Mercury transits your house of material affairs from August 9 through Sept 4 which makes this a potent time to review your financial affairs, investments, and accounts payable and receivable. Pay attention to detail and adjust as necessary. If you don’t have a regular savings practice, then this is a great time to put that in place. Any gains you make financially during this transit will have long term benefits.

Personal Growth/Spirituality
The North Node in Cancer is transiting your twelfth house of mystical affairs, and while this may not typically be an area of life you’re inclined toward, it’s a powerful time to explore this because the benefits of doing so will be extraordinary. Set up a meditation practice that you can begin and end your day with. Keep a journal handy so you can write down insights, intuitive flashes, and ideas that flow to you. You will be astonished at how this practice positively benefits your entire life.

Making the Best of 2020
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