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Pisces Yearly Horoscope: 2019

Recalibrating, Restructuring, and Expansion

As a sensitive, water-based celestial being, you can sometimes feel lost in all the static of the tangible third dimension. Finally, in 2019, all of your creative visions start to take root in the real world. Saturn’s grounding properties and Neptune’s creative motivations continue to support your vision for a viable future doing something you’re passionate about. Even if you’re employed by others, you’re in for a year of recognition for all of your contributions.

After a long stay in your second house of income, Uranus moves into Taurus on March 6, after which your income and expenses should start to become more predictable. Also, Uranus will spend the next seven years focusing on your house of ideas, communication, and interactions, helping you align with like-minded people. With Jupiter’s assistance, your career house also gets a boost from the universe’s biggest gift giver. After a year of fine-tuning your ideas and associations, Jupiter will move into your friendship house in December 2019. Once there, it surrounds you with supportive people you can trust and rely on.

Your friendship zone is lit up this year too. With Saturn and Pluto, two karmic planets, and three life-changing eclipses in this area, you can bet that changes are afoot. While forming new and trusted friendships, you may also choose to distance yourself from draining or contrary associations.

Throughout the year, as you refine your cast of close characters and enjoy the fruits of your labor, remember to take a little time to restore, recharge, and reflect. Let’s take a deeper look at your 2019 horoscope!


Even if you’re already in a great relationship, there’s always room to create a deeper connection and the February full moon in your house of commitments provides that chance. Some romantic Pisces may find this a perfect time to get engaged, go on a second honeymoon or renew marriage vows with their other half. Single Pisceans will likely enjoy a great year of making new acquaintances and memorable connections. March and April provide a doubleheader in romance with two full moons in your sexual attraction zone, according to your 2019 horoscope.

An early July solar eclipse in your flirtation sector could change the trajectory of your single status— if that’s what you desire. This same eclipse, however, could cause a shake-up in relationships that have been a little rocky lately. Don’t give up too easily! Try to remember that some relationships just need a tune-up. Besides, making up with lovers can bring some passionate moments. How you handle this eclipse is all up to you and your free will.

A new moon in your relationship zone arrives at the end of August, setting the stage for new love or new beginnings in an existing relationship. The cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, will be there to make this time of year even sweeter for your love life.


Jupiter alert! The biggest giver in the cosmos is spending the first eleven months of 2019 in your career zone. This only happens once every 12 years, so enjoy a year pinned for success, expansion, and growth. You won’t have to do much in the way of self-promotion since you’ve already done the groundwork. You’ve worked hard for years, and this year could be the payoff.

A beneficent Venus/Jupiter conjunction in your career zone could bring a “lucky break” in January. Yes, this is a banner year for your career, however, three challenging Jupiter/Neptune squares in January, June, and September are a reminder that the best leaders are humble leaders. In other words, don’t let your successes go to your head. Jupiter will provide you with all the good press you need. You just need to be your usual engaging self.

A November new moon will bring more opportunity for career growth, along with another Venus/Jupiter conjunction. Professionally, financially, and personally, 2019 is a year of growth and expansion like you haven’t seen in over a decade—if ever.

Money & Finances

You start the year with determined Mars in your second house of income and possessions, so watch your money grow as you make the shift into abundance mode. Once Uranus makes its move into Taurus in March, you’ll enjoy even more control and stability in your finances. However, in March you’ll also have to keep your eye on an uneasy Mars/Uranus conjunction. Seek advice on investments and even spending; don’t just guess your way through a financial decision. The middle and end of the year bring more fortune to your money house with a new moon in April and a fabulous full moon in mid-October.

Best Dates

Make note of January 22 and November 24, when two separate Venus/Jupiter conjunctions focus on your career house. Together, these two gift-givers of the universe will have their powers magnified. They will help to propel your career in new and exciting directions.

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