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Scorpio Yearly Horoscope: 2019

Living, Loving, and Learning—A Transformative Year

As the sign representing transformation, you’ll find the overall changes you go through challenging and enlightening. You’ve probably gotten used to Uranus in Aries throwing curveballs and roadblocks in the way you operate day-to-day, but thankfully that all ends in March. Your year ends and begins with new moon solar eclipses in the sign of Capricorn. This is your third house of communication, learning, ideas, and how you process things. These two eclipses, as well as the remaining three, pave the way for you through the year starting with January and ending in December. Let’s take a deeper look at your 2019 horoscope!

As your interests expand this year, you may consider sharing your valuable, informational treasure trove with someone who is willing to learn the ropes. If you have the opportunity to take someone under your wing and share your life experience, don’t hesitate. This may become increasingly apparent near the lunar eclipse in July.

By the time November and December roll around, you’ll be fully comfortable in both of your new roles as teacher and student. Also, a beautiful Jupiter/Uranus trine in the middle of December shows you clearly the connection between all of the moving parts in your life—gaining and sharing knowledge, communication, and your closest personal relationships.


When Uranus moves out of Aries in March, it moves into Taurus, your house of close, one-on-one relationships, and it’s bound to shake things up in romance. Uranus wants to clear the way for you in love, showing you what does and what does not work in your life, and how to handle things differently going forward. Headstrong Mars also enters this zone on Valentine’s Day, adding intensity to the unpredictable happenings around your love life. In March, Mercury will retrograde in your fifth house of fun and flirtation. Someone from your past could resurface or you might just simply revert to old patterns or become tempted by new flirtations. For some, this could further complicate things in your relationship house. Your 2019 horoscope advises you to try and control what goes on instead of just getting swept up in the motion.

By the time of the Taurus new moon in May, things are lighter and happier in the romance area of life. However, watch July’s Mars/Uranus square as a time when you’ll be asked to find the balance between your work and love life. Both of these planets can cause some tense moments, so do what you can to bring peace to the situation. By now, you’re already seeing how differently you react to these challenges as opposed to the past, and it feels good.

There will be challenges throughout the year, but once you reach mid-December, a fortunate Jupiter/Uranus trine will ensure that communication between you and your other half is easy-breezy. This is due in part to the lessons you’ve learned about yourself which can be a shining example for your young ones if you have any.


The beginning of the year might prove challenging, so knowing that ahead of time should keep you from spending too much on luxury items. On January 21 a lunar eclipse lands in your career zone—eclipses always bring the unexpected. Also, a series of Jupiter/Neptune squares in January, June, and September may put you in the mood to take chances in finance and/or work. However, avoid this rash behavior if you can. The spring is a much better season for you career-wise, according to your 2019 horoscope. Also, Mars will slip into your career zone in July, sparking your daring and ingenious soul who loves to work through hardships and obtain victory. The July 31 new moon may even prompt you to take an entrepreneurial direction.

Money & Finances

Venus moves into Sagittarius in early January and you’re in the mood to spend. Take heed of your career forecast if you rely on employment for your income, as an eclipse and a Jupiter/Neptune square in January could quickly change the playing field for your finances. However, you’re the king/queen of financial comebacks, and you’ll see this is all temporary. By the time June rolls around, a full moon in your money sector helps to bring money concerns to an end. Then, a Sagittarius new moon near the time of Thanksgiving in November brings financial success and happiness once again. What have you learned this year? A lot about your relationships not only with people but with money too. What you learn in 2019 could easily become something to share with others—even the world. It’s been quite a journey.

Best Dates

Your best dates in 2019 are January 22 and November 24, according to your 2019 horoscope. Keep your eyes on the Venus/Jupiter conjunction, both occurring in Sagittarius, your money house. This year’s eclipses and conjunctions spotlight your views on finances. Your evolution in this area will carry you into 2020 and beyond.

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