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Taurus Yearly Horoscope: 2024

What You Have To Look Forward To

  • Jupiter drops goodies all year! Jupiter in your sign until May 26 bestows personal growth, and as it travels into your second sector of wealth for the rest of the year, it expands whatever it touches.
  • Venus in your first house from May 1 to May 23 highlights personal expression. Since Venus is your ruling planet and you are in its domain, you may feel extra glad to be yourself! Love and relationships get a boost, and all your social connections flourish.
  • Mercury joins you in mid-May. In June, when it moves into your financial sector and joins with Jupiter, Venus, and the sun, it brings advantages from several sources.

What You Should Watch Out For

  • Chiron in your twelfth house all year could haunt you with difficult dreams.
  • The total solar eclipse on April 8 falls in your twelfth house of dreams and reflection. This may signal a need for more honest introspection.
  • A square to your sun from Mercury, spanning from July 3 to July 25 and again from August 16 to September 9, could sour communications in or around your home. Remember to think before you speak or write. Instead, highlight tact and sensitivity.

Astrology Predictions for Your Career in 2024

Your solar tenth house of career undergoes restructuring as Pluto, the planet of transformation, re-enters the sign of Aquarius on January 22. This means slow (but deep) change. Ultimately, you’ll probably love the results.

Short-term shifts in your workplace or even your larger career could come as early as mid-January to mid-February. Supportive aspects from Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter bring news of an opportunity. Stay open and alert.

Astrology Predictions for Your Love Life in 2024

From September 24 through October 17, Venus, the planet of love and your planetary ruler, transits your solar seventh house. This is great for both existing and potential relationships. Mars in Cancer from September 5 through November 4 will support passionate connections. Additionally, Uranus in your sign brings surprise and upheaval. Let go of old, restrictive patterns, and you’ll see the gifts that Uranus brings.

Important Dates for Taurus in 2024

August 27: Expect a grand trine featuring Venus, Pluto, and Uranus. This will bring a positive transformation in love.

September 17: A lunar eclipse in Pisces could serve as a catalyst for some relationship realizations.

September 20: Expect a grand trine featuring the sun, Pluto, and Uranus. You may initiate a career change while backed by these powerhouse planets.

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