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Libra Yearly Horoscope: 2022

The Year Ahead
Saturn, the great teacher, continues his journey through Aquarius and your fifth house of creativity, love, and passion. Saturn is a powerful grounding, stabilizing force, bringing form and structure to whatever you want to build. He lends his energy to any form of creativity that you want to make manifest, from turning a blank canvas into a painting to designing a beautiful bedroom to rest and reboot in, to any other expression your inner artist holds dear. This is less an inspirational influence than it is one of taking the inspiration you already have and giving it wings in the world. Saturn also addresses your notions of love, romance, and passion, adding a mature quality to your desire and insisting on a suitor who is worth your time, energy, attention, and investment. He will not tolerate a fly-by-night wastrel set on meeting only their own selfish needs and expectations.

While Saturn focuses on love and romance with another, Jupiter, the great benefic, enters Pisces and your sixth house, insisting you pay attention to self-love, your health, happiness, and well-being. Jupiter asks you to focus on taking care of yourself, and with Neptune in this house along with Jupiter, you may struggle with overindulging. The antidote is finding and embracing a spiritual path that nurtures you at a deeper level, beyond physical hunger and appetites. Invest in finding spiritual practices you can do every day and you’ll find it so much easier to love and care for yourself in the way you need to. From May 10 through October 27, Jupiter moves into Aries, establishing himself in your seventh house of partnership and commitment. This is another reason it’s so important to connect with and care for yourself at a deep level. It will prevent dysfunctional people-pleasing and co-dependency down the road.

This year, the ideal times for meeting someone new, or for refreshing and deepening your relationship with your partner are:

Mar 6 – April 4
Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and romance joins hands with Mars, the planet of ambition, war, and lust, as they step into Aquarius and your fifth house of love, where they join Saturn, the great teacher. This is a powerful period where your romantic sensibilities join your sexual energy and desire and stand before life’s teacher to receive the guidance and instruction necessary for commitment and a secure future. You will likely attract a wide variety of suitors during this transit, but very few will be considered real contenders for your heart.
May 2 – May 27
The fire, drive, and passion of Aries cloaks Venus as she steps into your seventh house of partnership and commitment, bringing command and clarity regarding the kind of person you want for a partner, and the kind of relationship you want to make a commitment to. Venus is joined by Jupiter, increasing your chances of getting exactly who and what you want.
Aug 11 – Sept 4
The lively, joyful energy of Leo accompanies Venus as she enters your eleventh house of friendship, socializing, humanitarianism, and group activities. This is the kind of happy, bubbly energy that’s hard to resist, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself trailed by hopeful suitors. Look for someone with whom you share mutual interests. Whether a friend introduces you to a potential love interest or you meet someone volunteering at a cause you’re both passionate about, things get off to a very good start.
Sept 29 – Oct 22
Venus in your own sign of Libra in your first house of self underscores your natural beauty, grace, and kindness. Your best qualities are highlighted for the world to see and enjoy. You’ll be irresistible to hopeful suitors, so you must be discerning. Don’t allow your innate kindness to make you say yes when you really mean no.

Jupiter in Pisces brings abundance into your workplace, so you can expect more work or more work opportunities than you know what to do with. You can also expect to be well rewarded for your efforts. You will need to be mindful of workaholism. It’s one thing to be excited and delighted with work, it’s another to be consumed by it to the point that nothing else in your life holds sway. Jupiter conjuncts Neptune on April 12, adding a note of spirituality and service to the work you do. If you’re in a helping profession, this simply amplifies what you’re already doing. If not, it adds a new ingredient to the recipe.

Personal Growth/Spirituality
Turn and face whatever it is you’re afraid of because it’s not going away any time soon. If you need help and support, reach out to a good counselor or therapist. Everyone needs a helping hand at one time or another. Asking for it is wisdom, not weakness.

Making the Best of 2022
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