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The Power of Pets

Is there a special furry, four-legged someone in your life? Our pets truly can light up our lives with something as simple as a cuddle, a kiss or a wagging tail when you return home. Spiritual author ... read more
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Ask Your Spirit Guide

My dog passed away in January 2007 and I'm not over her death yet. I felt like I lost my child. It was the most devastating experience of my life. I really believe it almost killed me. The thing is I ... read more

Down Boy, Down!

It's hard when someone at home doesn't approve of your choices. Even when that someone walks on all fours! Before you send either one of them to the pound, here are some ideas on what to do when your date ... read more

Talk to Your Animals

Dr. Doolittle isn't the only one who can speak to the animals; certain psychics can also tap in to what pets are thinking and feeling. The good news is, with a little practice, you too can establish a ... read more
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