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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: The Libra Moon lights up your eleventh house of social affairs, friendship, and humanitarianism, trining Saturn in Aquarius in your third house of communication. Lean into the practical ideas and insights generated by this transit, especially when applied to your volunteer activities. You have the ability to make a real difference, just believe in yourself and get busy! An Aquarian would love to join you in your efforts.

Love/Friendship: Chiron in Aries highlights your fifth house of love and romance, opposing the Libra Moon, and bringing up unhealed energies, issues, memories, and emotions from the past. These things stand in the way of you having the romantic relationship you long for, so deal with them and put them behind you for good.

Career/Finance: The conjunction between Pluto and Juno in your second house of money generates an unpleasant power struggle along with deep resentment. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied or dominated by someone who doesn’t respect you. Just because they think they know what you should do, doesn’t mean they’re right.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: While you think you’ve settled something and put the last nail in its coffin, you have not. Get ready because It’s going to make another circle through your life. Being prepared will make you the victor.

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