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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Scorpio Horoscope for Tomorrow

General Overview: Internally, you may feel prompted to level up the way you relate to others as the Capricorn Moon connects with the North Node and liberating Uranus in your interpersonal zones. You can’t relate to people in the same old ways and expect different results.

Love/Friendship: Conversations can be veritable minefields as Venus opposes controlling Pluto on your communication axis. The vibe could turn nasty if jealousy, obsession, and possessiveness rear their ugly heads. There’s no taking back mean and hurtful words once they’re out there, so be mindful of what you say. If you write a fiery email, save it to your drafts folder rather than sending it right away. When you review it later, you may reconsider your words and choose a more civil tone.

Career/Finance: Someone might pressure you to commit to an enormous undertaking as pushy Mars clashes with over-the-top Jupiter in your house of work. Because you want to be viewed as capable, you could feel obligated to say “yes” when you should really say “no” or “maybe.” A nod from multitasking Mercury suggests that this endeavor could be more involved than you realize. Ask some questions and find out what’s what.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You may feel that it’s important for you to understand a complex matter as the Leo Sun syncs with shrewd Pallas. The issue that perplexes you may involve sex or money. Studying patterns can reveal a lot.

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