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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Sagittarius Horoscope for Tomorrow

General Overview: It can be tough to make the right impression as the moon in perfectionist Virgo opposes muddled Neptune. You’ll easily be able to recover from a minor misstep as the moon and Pluto align, restoring someone’s faith in you. Capricorns know what you can do.

Love/Friendship: Secrets, intrigue, and drama certainly keep life interesting. With inquisitive Mercury entering Cancer and your intimacy zone, there will be plenty to talk about. Through July 19, you’ll be eager to explore sensitive topics and initiate conversations that you typically avoid. You’ll be especially curious about other people’s money and their sex lives. Crossing a line could be dangerous. There’s a good chance that you’ll uncover more than you want to know.

Career/Finance: You’re not afraid of hard work. With go-getter Mars in Taurus and your house of employment through August 20, you’ll put in the time and effort necessary to do an outstanding job. Be careful that you don’t get competitive or impatient with coworkers. Your frenetic vibe can invite conflict. You’ll need to cooperate to get things done, so know when to chill. Drive is a good thing, but don’t let your ambition turn you into a workaholic.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Passive aggression might seem like a convenient way to get what you want while Venus and Mars are at odds, but it won’t pan out. Being direct can help you avoid rubbing someone the wrong way.

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