Ask Your Spirit Guides: Starting to Feel Her Guides

Hi. I usually read your column, but I think it is away from me! It seems these facts that you are writing are something not for ordinary people. I think some people are born with such talent or chance to experience Spirits, Guides. I am fond of such readings, but I think they are out of my hand or my ability. If I am not right, please let me know how can I start to feel my Spirit Guides? Or at least tell me do I have such talent at all?

Maryam in Tehran, Iran

Dear Maryam,

Even people who don’t have exceptional psychic sensitivities can communicate freely with their Spirit Guides, Maryam, and you actually do have some gifts in that direction. Your biggest problems are doubt, a tendency to second-guess your intuition, and, probably childhood experiences which discouraged you from seeing the world as magical, which is your natural inclination.

Even if you never take a course in psychic development, or actually “hear” your Spirit Guides speak to you, there are lots of ways that you and others can connect to and work with Spirit Guides. The four elements necessary are: belief, trust, sharpened observational skills, and a little time and effort.

For belief, all that’s necessary is that you accept that there’s at least the possibility of benevolent, supportive forces surrounding you, and that they could be aware of your thoughts, feelings and daily actions, whether you call them, Angels, Power Animals, or Spirit Guides.

Next is learning to trust that that these forces are actively involved in your life, and vitally interested in your personal and spiritual evolution and well being. It takes a little trial and error for doubters like you to become convinced, and this is where sharpened observational skills come in. The best approach is to pay attention to what’s happening around you as though you were interpreting a dream. People’s daily lives are littered with signs and symbols and hints; you just need to pay attention to spot them, and then learn over time to interpret them correctly.

The other part of building trust is learning what to do about the age-old question, “What if it’s just my imagination?” And this is what requires the effort.

We humans are rational creatures, and unfortunately our rational minds must be satisfied, so, like any scientist, you develop your trust by conducting experiments and observing results. Ask your Guides for help, then watch what happens, and keep notes. Make note of symbols, intuitions, hits, music running in your head, billboards, numbers repeating on clocks, everything that catches your eye. And whether and how you get the help you requested. You will soon learn to recognize the difference between the real Guides communications and intuitions, your imagination, and just random stuff.

Also, Maryam, I think you’d do very well communicating with your Guides by using a simple oracle like The Runes, maybe graduating to Tarot later.

Good luck!

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