The Meaning of a Dragonfly Sighting

Meaning of a Dragonfly Sighting | California Psychics

Transformation and Adaptability

Spotting a dragonfly is exciting: after all, you are witnessing a beautiful creature that is a master of change, adaptability, and metamorphosis. Dragonflies represent spiritual growth through change and transformation. Those who identify with the dragonfly often possess many unique abilities, and often bring change to their immediate worlds and far beyond.

What does the dragonfly know that you do not? Speak to a life path psychic and find out what changes are coming your way!

What are Dragonflies?

Dragonflies are insects distinguished by their wing sets of unequal size; A dragonfly’s hindwings are smaller than their forewings. Agile flyers, these beautiful, delicate-seeming creatures are expert hunters.

Natural Dragonfly Symbolism

To understand the symbolism of the dragonfly, it’s helpful to know how unique they are in the physical sense. Much like a butterfly, these masters of flight and flexibility are born in one form and transform into another.

The dragonfly is born as a nymph who lives in water for the first three to five years of its life. During this time, it can molt between 9 – 17 times. Then, it transforms and evolves into the flying wonder we see around us, but very little of a dragonfly’s life is actually spent flying through the open air. When you have a dragonfly sighting, you are seeing a symbol from Spirit to live in the moment and make the most of the time you have.

Dragonflies can see in 360-degree angles—another clue from Spirit to open your eyes and to see beyond limitations. Each of their four wings works independently. They go up, down, backward, and forward at any axis, which makes for some unique maneuvers. This allows the dragonfly to fly in any direction and at a speed of up to 30 miles per hour.

Even at top speed, dragonflies can make hairpin turns or suddenly stop and hover. From the time they’re born, dragonflies are constant vehicles of change and transformation, demonstrating why this insect has survived since before the time of the dinosaurs.

Dragonfly Symbolism Within Cultures

Many cultures have their own understanding of dragonfly meaning and symbolism. Here are some examples:

Native American Symbolism

Native American cultures, though varying, are all rich in symbolism and tales of spirit animals. Many Native nations associate the dragonfly with healing and shamanism and consider the dragonfly the regenerative and protective force of Spirit.

The dragonfly is a medicine animal to the Hopi and Pueblo tribes, who feel he holds the powers of healing and transformation. Because of this, killing a dragonfly is taboo in the Pueblo traditions. Many North American tribes use rattles in healing ceremonies and during prayers for abundance and rain, and since the dragonfly has a connection to water, its likeness often adorns those rattles. Ceremonial rattles adorned with the dragonfly are also used for cleansing and purifying or when seeking guidance from the Great Spirit, and of course, to give thanks.

Japanese Symbolism

The Japanese regard the dragonfly as a positive symbol and omen. Associated with the autumn, Japanese tradition connects dragonflies to happiness and courage and haiku poets often wrote about dragonflies.

European Dragonfly Myths

Traditional European cultures took a dimmer view of dragonflies, however, sometimes associating them with evil intent or physical harm. Some cultures associate the dragonfly with snakes while others firmly connect the dragonfly with death. If you have a strong connection to European culture and folklore, you may decide that a dragonfly sighting is a sign that Spirit is warning you of something.

If this is the case, don’t be afraid to imitate the dragonfly in its ability to see everything around itself and change course if necessary. In most cases, you’ll find that slowing down and being cautious is a wise decision.

Artwork and Adornment

Many cultures have been attracted to the beauty of dragonflies and depicted them in artwork, clothing, or jewelry. Dragonflies are a common motif in Zuni pottery and Pueblo jewelry. The Art Nouveau movement of the late 19 and early 20 centuries made much use of dragonfly symbolism as well. Even the Ancient Egyptians used dragonflies in their magical amulets.

If the Dragonfly is Your Spirit Animal

Your spirit or totem animal is one that you identify with in a spiritual sense. Some say that we don’t pick our spirit animals—they pick us. The dragonfly symbolizes change and light. If the dragonfly is your spirit animal, you are likely someone who looks deep into the emotional and spiritual meaning of things.

Messages from the Spirit World

Symbols and messages can come to us in many ways. Of course, if you’re near water or a pool, seeing a dragonfly might not be unusual. But what if you were in the middle of the desert or another inland destination? You might see a sign that says “The Dragonfly Inn,” or a dragonfly symbol on a bottle of water or wine. You may even see a dragonfly in your dreams. In these cases the meaning is often profound and should be heeded; they can offer a spiritual connection, a message just for you. Be open to what you might receive.

If you just think dragonflies are cool and don’t necessarily connect with their energy, but you have one or two pestering you all of a sudden, it could be a message from Spirit that you should “lighten up” and live each moment with joy. In other words, a dragonfly sighting is a message that you worry too much about the future and don’t live in the moment. You need to stop, hover, and enjoy the moment you’re in. In the larger sense, a dragonfly can be a symbol that you need to be open to change in your life—to see life as a journey.

Because our loved ones who have crossed over can often send bugs, birds, small animals and the like as messengers to let the living know that they are okay on the other side, the dragonfly can often show up as a spiritual messenger. Spirit often uses vehicles that are small, unique, and bright in color, and the dragonfly is thought to be a traveler of dimensions and realities, making him the perfect candidate.

Another thing to consider is that while dragonflies are truly a beautiful sight to behold, they are predators, even when they are nymphs living in water. Consider the control that dragonflies have over themselves and their flight patterns. Are you able to exercise self-discipline via stopping what you are doing so that you have time to observe circumstances and situations? 

Is the dragonfly your spirit animal? What does a dragonfly sighting mean to you?

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38 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Dragonfly Sighting

  1. Tina from Magickal Spot

    Dragonflies often signify transformation and the ability to adapt to change in our spiritual journey – such a beautiful reminder to embrace growth and let go of limitations!

  2. Gracie

    I have been surrounded by dragonflies for a while. I love them. Think they are beautiful and believe it’s my fathers spirit. I feel it in my heart. Such a special feeling. They have come to me very often and very close. Right before I received a call that my mother was very ill, an orange dragonfly was flying around me and towards me like if it was trying to get my attention. After receiving the call I surely knew it was my father trying to give me a sign something was happening. My mother was hospitalized for 10 days and with Covid restrictions we could not be with her. It was her heart, she is back home and doing well. A lot of encounters and stories that I have. And not to mention close up pictures and videos. I know it’s my dad. A very special whimsical feeling when they’re around. ♥️

    1. Eka

      That’s amazing! I’m happy your mom is well now! I had this yellow one hovered around my head last night. It tried to play with me and get my attention, I’m bit worrried about the meaning so I look it up, I was happy and felt like a child when it was around. I wonder if it was from my mom who just passed this November..

  3. Chris Baros

    I was in my garden watering and 3 red dragonflies came in all low in perfect formation through a couple plants then they were gone never seen any around ever before can someone tell me what this could mean thanks for your help.

  4. Bev

    You probably stopped readibmng this forum years ago….but I work at an apothecary. We help lots of people in a holistic manner.

    For tne past week there has been a dragon fly in the shop, hovering near me within eyesight. Today a customer captured it and attempted to put it back outside…i keep the door open because of COVID-19, well..the dragonfly flew right back in. It landed on the floor near on the closed trash can lid and just waited there watching me again.

    I spoke to it..I’m probably nuts but something about it seems special.

  5. Tasha

    I just was outside on the balcony not long ago. I saw 4 or 5 dragonflies. 1 of them was red. The others were black n brown.
    I love dragonflies so much. Always have

    They also scared a wasp away from me that was harassing me. Phew. Relieved cause im still trying to get over a spider bite for 3 days now.

    Can you tell me what seeing all these dragonflies mean?

  6. Lms

    I live in Florida and usually see dragonflies a lot. I recently lost my Mom that I took care of with dementia. I, on 3 different occasions since my Mom has passed have seen a beautiful blue dragonfly. The thing is that they are not flying. Insread, they are sitting still. These dragonflies are exactly where it was like only I would see/notice them. Does this mean something?

  7. Holly

    You have helped me out with some but I have to tell you yesterday sitting in my backyard a dragonfly landed on his back on a small table beside me. His legs were moving then his tail started curling up so I decided to lift him up and turn him over. He didn’t move at all. Left him on the table the tail straighten back out but no movement left him there for a little bit. I was going inside but didn’t want the squirrels or bird to get him. I really thought he had died. So I lifted up the table he was on to move him to a plant. Then suddenly his leg moved. I put the table back down and then he flew away. Never seen anything like that happen and not sure how to take it. I have had a lot of them around me throughout the summer but nothing like that has happened before.

  8. Latonia Shamel

    My mom and dad died last year a month apart. and every since then I see dragon flies alot I love seeing them because I feel like it’s my parents watching over me. A month after my mom past I was at my husband’s job sitting in the car waiting on him to get off and their was a couple of them just flying in front of the windshield I was shoeing it away I even put the car and reverse and move the car that one dragon fly followed my every that moment I started to research dragon flys been in love with them every since.

  9. Meredith

    I have had this one dragon fly following me for two weeks now.i usually see it in the front yard. If I move to the back it’s there again sitting on a tree branch not to far.. this morning I went to get the mail and now its there again and it has alittle dragon fly with it.. I’m not sure why they are here but it’s nice too see their beautiful colorings and whimsical way of flying.

    1. Meredith

      Today I was on my deck in CT. We had a huge wind storm and rain last night. I was checking plants. A beautiful red dragonfly lighted on me ! I really felt he was my dad. I whispered to him and I swear he raised one tiny leg. I am a sane , rational person but ….

  10. Tracie

    I too for the last 2 days since Father’s Day (June 2919) have been visited by the same Dragonfly that sits on a branch of a tree in front of my patio. I’ve watched him change color from dark brown to a beautiful orange. My dad who passed Dec 17 visits me every single month by switching the light on in my guest bedroom, he did it this past Sunday on Fathers Day and now the Dragonfly two days in a row. He’s been here each day for a good couple of hours. What the heck does this mean?

  11. Kris

    This past July my family and I were on vacation at Bass Lake. When all of a sudden, we were surrounded by ar least 20 dragonflies. All different colors. Beautiful. And say 15 minutes later my brother calls and tells my sister and I with some horrible news. Our dear cousins’ husband, who the kids and I loved dearly had just gotten in a motorcycle accident and had just passed. I didn’t really think about it at the time because we were so devastated. But afterwards…a week later, I looked at the phone log and at the time stamp on my photos on vacation…they were about the same time of the dragonfly invasion. I dont know what to call it. Now, everytine I see a dragonfly, I’m kind of wary of its message.

  12. Lisa S

    The first little soul fluttered around me and landed on my toe and stayed there for quite some time, the second encounter involved my husband and I outside trying frantically to get our boat out of the water and the dragonflies working like little pilots diveing for the mosquitoes and me thanking them outloud! The next encounter was there was a very large gold one trapped in the window between the screen and window, I cranked it open to allow him to leave and he stayed for hours, here’s the head shaker part, I spoke to him saying “hi” and talking to him like a baby and I waved to him, at least 5-6 times he waved back… I had 2 others with me and he didn’t wave at them, I’d step back and come forward again and say Hiiii! And wave he’d wave back. It was, well I still can’t believe it, but it’s my sweet memory. I was crying just this morning because I started having hot flashes today and it felt like part of me was gone, I think he came to remind me that a new chapter was beginning and it would be ok …

  13. Cindy

    After my younger brother died years ago dragonflies began appearing constantly. Then, a few years back a huge one comes to the same bedroom window every year and I just sit and watch, and talk to it forever!! I know it’s my brother then last year it was buzzing my head and landed on a bush, I have a photo of my hand on the branch he was sitting on. My Dad passed the end of January, my brother, in April, then my Mom on May 9th. I have been struggling with grief over my losses. The other night a huge dragonfly came into our gazebo and was struggling near the top. I gently guided it back away down onto the screen. I have photos of her letting me touch her. She remained for two days. I almost thought something was wrong, but when I went out this morning she flitted around struggling to find her way out, while only one screen was closed, lol. I thought to myself this is so my Mom! She used to struggle driving her scooter around assisted living and crash into things all the time! Later I was crying thinking of her and I thought to myself I know that was you Mom. I felt a sense of peace come over me then could smell something. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was, then I recognized it as her perfume!!

    1. Jes

      I’ve been struggling with grief myself after my sister took her own life this last June. At her memorial service there was a dragonfly that just would not leave me alone. It kept flying over and landing on my hand. I really do not like bugs but this one gave me a sense of calm which was very unusual. Recently I have noticed more and more dragonflies than usual. I think it is a sign from her reaching out to say she’s ok and checking on us. I’m very sorry for your losses but I hope you find peace in knowing your family still lives on in the spirit world and may the dragonflies be a reminder of their love. I truly believe our loved ones who have passed will always find a way to watch out for us and over us.

  14. Stephanie

    Sooo I have never really seen Dragon flies and I live in the Bay Area also I work at a cement recycling place and it’s literally nothing but dirt n rocks here I direct traffic and so everyday since I started I seen a dragonfly flying around me looking beautiful everytime I’ve only bin here a month but I still always see them it makes me feel good everytime I see one so I decided to look it up and I love what this page had to say because my life has went up and down since I was a teen n now it feels like it’s coming together n before I looked up the meaning I assumed it had something to do with change …. wich I’m happy to find out that’s what it means

  15. Sannya

    HI, Dragonfly is not my totem and I have not been really been drawn to it at all. There have been dragonflies around but I did not have any close encounters as such. But, for the past month, I have encountered it more than 5 times at close range. The first two times it visited me was at the second floor of our house, outside my room. But, in both occasions, I found them dead after 2 or 3 days of the sighting. Both of them are on my altar right now. Somehow, I felt like keeping them. Days after, I’d see it once in awhile in the same area, hovering. In my office (in a school), I had encountered it 3 times at different dates. In one of those times, it landed right on the plant which was on my table, in front of me. Stayed there for sometime, it flew away. In another occasion, I found one dead on my office floor. I am not sure if it was the same one that landed on my plant. I think I have seen it two times here at home after the office visits. Again, today, it visited me when i was in the kitchen preparing lunch. It disappeared after a few minutes. There is something huge here. I can actually feel it in my bones. I have done some reflecting but not deep enough. Wanted to learn more and it led me here. Thank you for the information you have provided. I really have to do a lot of inner work and fast. Right? In love and light…

  16. Barbara

    There was a dragonfly resting in front of our front door on the overhang ……it was at night just chilling wings weren’t moving at all just sitting there……we live in the bay area so I haven’t seen many… made me happy call me weird I don’t care it made me smile and I had to rush in to tell my mom

    1. LJ

      Dear Barbara: You’re not weird, you just connected to Spirit – that always make me smile! I’m glad you notice the signs.

  17. Stacy

    I have always loved dragonflies and often have one flying around me. Right after my father in law passed my husband and I were in the back yard and a huge gold dragonfly kept flying around my head. My husband saw it too and then my best friend was going through chemo and had one outside the window every day. I love them!

    1. LJ

      Dear Judy: We can have many signs and many totem animals we call our own. It’s a matter of feeling connected to a specific way. As for those who may contact you from the other side, they may pick something (like a bird) that you both have a memory of or a special connection to – and if you don’t have such an animal/bird/insect … Spirit picks what they like and hopes that you’ll connect it with either a time you’re thinking about them or talking to them, or on special days (like birthdays), or just by the way they feel like they’re watching over you. Don’t rush, just relax and see how you feel when you see a creature – if it feels like more than “just a bird,” it probably is.

  18. Tisha

    After my big sister passed away from cancer my other sister began to see them everywhere! Then me, my Mom and other sis started seeing them often. We call the “Lisa” now! She had a strong spirit …she would definitely send a sign!

  19. laura

    hi, thank you for your knowledge…can you explain the meaning of constantly seeing red robins flying in front of my car window while driving…also seeing a huge rust brownish hawk for the first time fly just feet away from me in my yard…my spirit animal in shamanism is a hawk. Thank you so much

    1. LJ

      Laura: Well the hawk is definitely your spirit animal. Birds symbolize the higher mind, freedom of thought and our subconscious.
      Look for the direction he flies – or does he change direction? Maybe that’s the best place to start. They typically show up most when change is on the horizon or we need to make a change. As for the Robin – my mother’s symbol is the robin. Maybe someone close to you just wants to join along wherever you’re going. The answers or within us. Take a moment to ponder – what was I doing, where was I going and what were they trying to tell me. You’ll get your answers.

  20. Debra Marlin

    Today there was a dragonfly flying through the factory I work in very unusual stayed with it and looking for a way to get it back outside safely I followed it and it went to the door and I was able to open door and set it free!!!! Beautiful large green one happy it’s was free!!!!

  21. Bernice

    I was walking in a parking lot at a shopping center the other day and out of the blue a dragonfly lands on my finger .I thought it was the most amazing thing..before I could get my phone to take a picture it flew away..
    I’ve been trying to figure out if that might mean something?

    1. LJ

      Oh Bernice: Now, know you read my article (chuckles). Maybe it was a visitor, or maybe just the Great Spirit’s way of reminding you about healing and transformation – has anything happened to you lately that would require either or both? I know you know the answer. You could always consult a psychic medium or shaman to help you decipher the message – I am just the messenger.
      ~ LJ

  22. Crystal

    Very true concept of the Dragonfly . I do believe it’s spiritual sighting . Acknowledge the reality of why they appear to me .
    I enjoyed your more detailed of meaning and symbol of the Dragon fly.

  23. Julia

    Thanks for this reminder that departed loved ones can send messengers back to us. Dragonflies appeared to my mother, sisters and me in abundance and in unusual places after my father died suddenly. It seemed to be a clear & beautiful message back from him. Dragonflies have become a cherished symbol to us and continue to appear very regularly. Thanks Dad!

    1. LJ

      Julia: A beautiful message of faith in spirit – and it is so powerful when those around you feel it too. That’s love.

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