The Meaning of a Hummingbird Sighting

The Meaning of a Hummingbird Sighting | California Psychics

Bejeweled Pollinators

Hummingbirds are fascinating creatures that are often depicted in illustrations, sculpture, and other works of art. While encountering one or more hummingbirds is always exciting, you may find that your encounter isn’t just a matter of chance, but a way for you to connect with your higher self and the Divine.

What is a Hummingbird?

To understand an animal spirit’s meaning, it is often a good idea to learn more about them. Hummingbirds are stunning little creatures and are indeed the smallest type of bird in the world. In fact, the tiniest hummingbirds are less than two inches long and weigh less than two grams. These birds are unique and unusual because of their relationship with flowers, for they both receive sustenance from flowers, and help pollinate them. 

It turns out that hummingbirds have some remarkable qualities. Their “humming” is the result of their wings flapping at such a rapid frequency that they produce a sound that humans can hear. In fact, these birds are incredibly agile and can move far faster than you would expect from such a tiny creature.

A Symbol of Infinite Joy, Resilience, and Energy

Have you ever had a hummingbird sighting? Despite their size, they are able to do things that no other bird or animal can do. For instance, hummingbirds can fly backwards, forwards, and even hover in mid-air. Hummingbirds may be tiny, but their spiritual message is huge—you have the flexibility and stamina to do far more than you think. Perhaps the meaning of a hummingbird visit is to show you that there’s an area of your life that calls for you to be more flexible, to bend like a willow without breaking like a mighty oak. It’s fluidity versus rigidity. In other words, try not to get too stuck in your ways.

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As a small and colorful bird, it’s possible that the hummingbird’s appearance is a sign from Spirit letting you know you’re doing okay. You’re handling life issues well and you have shown a lot of strength, flexibility, and spirit. Spirit will also send small birds and animals that represent a shared memory between you and a loved one. In other words, a hummingbird sighting is unique, significant, and meaningful to everyone in an individual way.

Balancing Energies

You may notice how much energy and determination a hummingbird puts into finding nectar, but what you don’t often see is that they spend a good amount of time resting, too. So, if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, Spirit’s message to you through a hummingbird sighting may be that you need more balance in your life and less stress through periods of rest, relaxation, and meditation.

When a hummingbird flies, his wings form the pattern of the infinity symbol. This speaks to his message of infinity and eternity. Hummingbirds can fly great distances. The message here is that everything worth pursuing in life can be a lifelong journey so don’t give up. Instead, rest when you need to and then start again.

The Medicine Animal for Your Spirit

No one can be sad when they have a hummingbird sighting. When your spirit aches or you’re feeling particularly negative and you can’t seem to shake it off, call upon the hummingbird spirit to lift your own spirit and find the simple joys within daily routines and challenges. 

Hummingbirds also conserve energy by going into a “torpor,” or hibernation, while sleeping. This deep sleep allows them to stay alive even in difficult conditions. A hummingbird sighting may be a sign that you need to take some time off and enjoy a deep rest.

Your Power Animal

As a power animal, you may call upon the hummingbird when you need the strength to keep up with the many demands upon you. The hummingbird will help you accomplish great feats while also keeping your mood light and upbeat. You’ll worry less about the unnecessary stress that can zap your energy. 

Also, whether mental or physical, as a power animal the hummingbird can help you with flexibility. If you’re pushing to get through a workout, the hummingbird is a perfect power animal to call upon. If you find yourself struggling with and working through a problem, the hummingbird can help you discover new and enlightened ways of handling issues that would normally cause you great stress.

Your Totem Animal

If the hummingbird is your totem animal, you may have the stamina and the ability to go long distances. What others view as impossible you see as doable. In addition to this go-getter spirit, you probably accomplish difficult tasks with little or no complaints. You handle your business and maybe even have fun doing it. It’s that simple.

As air totems, birds are the animals closest to heaven, and the hummingbird is no different. Spirit sends us hummingbird sightings to show us how sweet life can be when we go after the joy of it—the sweet nectar of life.

The Symbolism of a Hummingbird 

An encounter with a hummingbird, or a depiction of a hummingbird, may simply be a coincidence, but may also indicate that Spirit wishes to communicate with you. When possible, take some time to sit after these encounters and reflect on what is being shown or taught to you. There are different ways of doing this, of course. Meditation, prayer, and journaling can help unlock subconscious understandings and connect you to Spirit as well as your own soul.

Hummingbirds often symbolize speed, flexibility, and dexterity. They also have a strong relationship with the flowers from which they consume nectar and pollinate. Your encounter may be a reminder that it is important to act quickly and to be ready to respond with a different approach if your first efforts do not succeed.

The relationship between these birds and flowers can also serve as a reminder that we must understand ourselves to be a part of nature. If you have been finding yourself spending too much time indoors or in your car, unable or unwilling to interact with the natural world around you, now would be a good time to make some changes. A walk in the woods, time in the garden, or even learning about local flora and fauna may be good for you right now.

Hummingbirds in Your Dreams

Having a hummingbird sighting in your dreams is good luck. It may symbolize an upcoming project or situation that requires your diligence and expediency. Don’t just let things lay dormant or ignored. The quick movements and wings that move almost faster than the eye can see symbolize accomplishment and rapid movement in a forward direction. A dream involving a hummingbird may also bring your attention to a little idea you had that has great potential for becoming something big.

Native Connections and Beliefs

In many Native American tribes, the hummingbird is a healer who often helps people in times of need and distress. Many tribes have hummingbird clans. To Northwest coastal tribes, the hummingbird is a symbol of good luck.

The ancient Aztec God, Huitzilopochtli, was often pictured as a hummingbird in Aztec art. And the Mayans have a wonderful story about the Great Spirit who created Tzunuum, a hummingbird who was loved for her wonderful flying abilities. However, she was colorless and about to be married so many birds and parts of nature, including the beautiful red cardinal, gave her bits of their color, which she happily accepted. She was so humbled by the gestures of sweetness that the Great Spirit declared that Tzunuum could wear her wedding dress every day, and so hummingbirds got their great array of colors from their fellow spirit animals.

With all that you now know about the hummingbird, do you look forward to your next hummingbird sighting?

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17 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Hummingbird Sighting

  1. Linda

    Today I had a humming fluttering by my car window right in front of me. I wish I would have taking a picture. What does this mean?

  2. Ellen Gunkel

    My baby girl Sabrina who is a dog had to be put down May 3, 2021. She had just turned 14 and I loved her beyond measure. She was definitely my angel. She died 2 weeks after we found out what was wrong with her. She had heart cancer that has no cure. My heart has been broken . I watched the movie surviving death. I have been connecting to this hummingbirds who stay with me for hours at time. I truly believe this hummingbird is a messenger from Sabrina

  3. James Blanch

    I had an experience today with a hummingbird it scared me at first but it came right in front of me it’s not there for about 15 seconds and it flew away I just lost my mom by 6 months ago maybe that was a message telling me he made it to the other side and it’s okay

  4. glenda c martin

    My wonderful husband and I were married 25 yrs. and he had many,many interesting life experiences and enjoyed sharing his life experiences as well as the people enjoyed him sharing them. He had a very interesting story of an elderly woman he had met in his travels in Colorado who invited him to her home one day for coffee. She lived alone in a cabin in the mountains. They hiked to the cabin and inside were 100’s of hummingbirds in her cabin that resided with her in the winter and would leave in the spring and return in the winter. She had clothes line strung throughout the cabin for them and called them by name. Can you imagine? We lived in our same home for 23 yrs. and he would see hummingbirds quite alot swooping by the living room windows and would call for me to come see them but I would never arrive in time. So in 23 yrs. I never saw one around our home. The love of my life passed 02/2019 and I miss him dearly. It has been nearly 2yrs. and I still sleep on the sofa where he always sat. One morning I woke up to the sound of a hummingbird crashing into the window,then resting on the tree branch and continued for approx. 6 hours as I looked him right in the face. I would have let him in but could not get the window open. I live upstairs so I had a friend hang a hummingbird feeder on that branch and he came back many times but it is winter here now in Alaska so I hope he returns in the spring. Do you think he went south? That hummingbird brought me great comfort.

  5. Danelle wallingford

    We have had a momma hummingbird nest on a speaker wire right Next to our front door for 2 seasons now. Last year she had three babies this year she has 2 eggs. She has always flown up to us and been right I. Our faces. She is very friendly. Last week I was going into the house from the garage, everything was shut except for one side door. As I got up to the door that leads into the house I saw her struggling above me. I opened the bay doors and had to guide her outside. The next morning I went to our other garage which is over 2000 ft from the other garage and sat at my desk. Momma humming bird flew into my area flew by my desk and just kinda hung out for approx 15 seconds then took off. Sense then she has been up in my face a couple more times. Crazy and awesome to befriend a hummingbird!!!!!

  6. Tshwanda Gandy

    Just saw my first hummingbird while sitting on my mom porch.. At first it scared me but than when I realize it was a hummingbird my whole body felt so good and happy.. So amaze that confirmation for me that I’m on the right path with my spiritual journey.. ❤

  7. Nikki

    Right before my mom passed away my granddaughter and I were in our backyard and a brown hummingbird landed in our tree after all the leaves fell off. There were no nests and it keeps coming back to the same tree every day. Usually they fly so fast you can’t hardly get a glimpse but she keeps coming back. It has been 2 weeks and mom is gone now. Could this be my mom’s spirit or message?

  8. Patreena J Aquino

    Yesturday it was my b-day & i was going through so much this week . always fighting w my boyfriend. We lost our apartment and we just been argueing ever since and yesterday we were walking everywhere trying to find a place. Were argueing here and there and i was crying non stop bc i missed my son . my bf was so annoying and then i hear him say “Trina look turn around” .. I turned around and a humming bird is flying still looking at me and then flies away & i was so amazed of how beautiful it looked. I looked at my bf and we were back on good terms again then we walked to a different location. Farther from where we were just at, i was stressing out really bad bc financially we were unstable. Then my bf looks up and goes “wow look at that” i look up and a humming bird flying still looking at us then flies away. It was so amazing. We looked eachother and just decided to not b so negative and b positive and not give up. So when i read this article , i was amazed on how its all facts. I didnt realize how the mood did change so fast after seeing the hummind bird

  9. Erica Dawkins

    I want to know what does it mean when a hummingbird flies in front of you and stay there for at least 30 seconds?

  10. Sherrie

    I had a hummingbird coming to the warehouse where I work . I have a fake tree by my desk and it kept buzzing by my head and going in the tree for 2 days . Then it got its foot stuck on top of this ledge. We rescued it but soon died .Was so sad . What does that mean ??

  11. Cynthia Owens

    Toay,October17,2018, I had just stepped out my back door to get some fresh air and a hummingbird landed on a flower only a few feet away. I automatically froze with endearment.A good 30 seconds and it was gone.It gave me a peace of tranquility.It was a beautiful feeling

  12. Erin Luden

    Love seeing hummingbirds in the beautiful Arizona Desert .
    They truly are a tiny bird of abundant beauty! I always feel lucky when they get close why hiking.

  13. LJ

    Thanks Patricia Marie: And thank you for sharing your personal hummingbird story with us. Spirit animals have a nice way of making us stop and enjoy the moment and the simple beauty in life we might sometimes take for granted. You obviously have an appreciation for life’s little wonders. Enjoy your hummingbirds; they’ll be back very soon.

    1. LJ

      Thanks Wanda – feel free to share it with someone who may be “stuck.” Glad you liked the article.

  14. Patricia Marie Whitten

    I used to have hummingbirds show up beginning in early spring when the trees and vines would start to blossom. They would really hang around the elderly couple’s enclosed patio, next door to where I lived. I used to always love to watch them when they would show up. I never thought of the meaning of the sightings of Hummingbirds until now. I did watch them when they would land on a wire or branch to rest, and the feeder’s I had for them. I knew that they flew great distances , and always wonder how they did it. They have been a favorite of mine for along time. Now I will think about them more often and what a beautiful wonderful little spirit creature they are. Thank you for the information.


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