The Meaning of a Whale Sighting

The Meaning of a Whale Sighting

Finding Your Way, Finding Your Voice

The hawk may be the guardian of the Earth, but to most Native Americans (and many others) the whale is the guardian of the oceans and a whale sighting is a profound experience. The whale swims to the depths of our deepest emotions, and its song speaks to our souls in its unique, angelic language.

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The meaning of a whale sighting may be to make you aware of how small you really are in comparison to the cosmos. A whale sighting also confirms that you are an integral part of the bigger picture that is the Universe.


While the symbolism of a whale is as vast and great as the whale itself, generally they represent solitude, wisdom, and creativity. If you’re an artist, you may travel the deep waters of your creative soul to create something that speaks to others. And when you have created just what you had in mind, you will be ready to share your creation, like a whale that breaches the waves to make an appearance in the outer world.

To many coastal Native American tribes, the whale symbolizes wisdom, luck and lasting love too. Some believe that if you are splashed by a whale you are being blessed with joy. To the Celts, the whale is often associated with St. Brendan, the navigator who had an interesting whale sighting of his own. A whale provided the ship’s crew with a safe place on his back to hold Easter services in the middle of a raging sea. That story is symbolic of the whale’s ability to provide stability even in a storming sea. Conversely, sometimes the whale spirit will “rock your boat” a bit to make you aware that it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Spiritual Guidance

Seek the guidance of the whale if you feel you have lost your way on your life path. If you are drowning in someone else’s agenda or need to release pressure, you can call upon the whale too. As your spirit animal, the whale can get you fresh air and perspective. Whales never stay down in the depths for long; nothing could stop them from rising above and taking in the Sun and air. Similarly, nothing or no one should make you feel held down for long either. The whale spirit needs to rise above the waves, so symbolically, the whale spirit can lift you above tumultuous times.

Call upon the sound of the whale as your power animal if you are seeking your true voice. His sonar and songs travel for miles and his stories are shared and repeated by many groups of whales. His sounds are magical. However, the whale also has telepathic powers that allow him to communicate with other whales and inhabitants of our physical and spiritual worlds.

If you have ever experienced a whale sighting, you probably received a message from Spirit that felt like it was just for you. It was. Here too, the whale may be your totem animal if you want to communicate a feeling or emotion. If the whale is your totem animal, you have a deep understanding of the world. In order to communicate that to others, pair your voice with a connection to the spiritual and physical worlds.

Dreams, Intuition, and Consciousness

Dreaming of a whale can often be a sign of your expanding reliance on not only wisdom but intuition. Dreaming of a whale means it’s time to recognize your voice, your life’s purpose, and to start sharing it with the world. It’s not just for the sake of creative ability itself! You’re actually sharing a message through whatever venue you choose.

If you follow the whale’s path down into the deepest depths of the ocean, you’re expanding your consciousness and awareness of a whole new world—new dimensions where angels and devas (nature spirits) also dwell—not just on land and in the sky.

Seeing a whale is spiritual and awe-inspiring, and in some ways, it can make you feel the literal connection between the oceans, the Earth, and all of its living creatures too. You’ll feel like you’re a part of something so vast and great. It’s a reminder that in comparison to the Universe, we may be quite small but each of us is still significant—the individual parts that make up the whole.

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