Is California Psychics Real?

does california psychics really work

Psychic predictions are far from an exact science

People often ask, does California Psychics really work? Are the psychics real? Are the predictions accurate?

Seeing exactly what’s happening in every moment of a client’s life is not really the true intention of a reading. The most important aspect is picking up on the circumstances, hidden truths, and energies surrounding the client at the time so that they can be more informed and gently guided down the path that spirit intends for them.

When you call a psychic you’re looking for answers. You want solutions to the dilemmas you and those around you face. When a reader gives you insight, they usually tune into the situation and get a feel for the outcome. They tune into how you feel about someone and how that person feels about you.

Psychic Accuracy

When a psychic does a reading and glimpses your future, they can only see potential outcomes and many times there is more than one potential outcome as people are often being pulled in different directions. The psychic taps into the strongest of the potential paths, reads that energy and gives advice.

This gifted person is looking through a perception of linear time and observing that most astounding river of consciousness that is contained in a continual ebb and flow around our perceived reality. It’s this understanding that “all time is now” that aids in a truly profound reading. It is also this constant movement of time (and all the events and people who affect that river) that can shift the timeline witnessed by the psychic.

If you get two readings from two different psychics around the same time, each psychic may tap into different information. This means they may also suggest different paths for you. This doesn’t mean that one psychic is wrong and the other is right; it just means that you have more than one potential outcome to your situation. A psychic’s intuitive perspective comes from a number of sources. So you could get different answers to the same question. No two advisors work the same, even if they use the same tools.

“My dear Psychic Laura, what can I say?! I talked to you about my fears and what my friend said. You assured me all was well. And you were right. Not only did I hear from Frank, he said some things that dropped my jaw. Just like you said. We saw each other last night and looks like tonight as well. This is so incredible, pinch me, am I dreaming? You were so right and saw everything so clearly, and it played out just like you said. You are amazing!” – Mary

Your Free Will

While it’s true there are some things that will happen in our lives that we cannot change, we have free will in deciding how we will handle each new circumstance. When the force of fate comes into play and blessings feel like a distant dream in your life, take a second look at what is happening. Ask yourself if there is another way to view the situation, or if there’s a hidden blessing or life lesson to be uncovered; more often than not, there is.

Everyone can tweak their destiny because free will plays a role in the outcome. It is perfectly okay to ask your psychic direct questions and hope for direct answers, but remember the most exciting thing that can come from a reading is a true lesson in emotional growth through spiritual awareness. Go ahead keep asking the questions about day to day things in your life, you will usually get the answers you seek, but be sure to listen carefully to the overall message that a gifted psychic will inevitably offer up to you. Those tidbits of information, that may seem off topic to you, can be priceless and will help you later on down the road.

“I hate to say it, but I sure doubted Psychic Anasela, but she proved me wrong! She said, ‘It’s gonna work. This man hasn’t forgotten you and it won’t change.’ And that’s exactly what he said to me. She’s just amazing!” – Cassandra, Texas

Psychic Predictions

So, does California Psychics really work? Every prediction is based on moments and how people live their lives from each of these moments to the next. That means that what’s predicted could change the minute you hang up the phone if you decide to exercise your free will and alter how things turn out for you. Beyond this, remember that the Universe is always working toward your well-being, not the other way around. This is why psychic readings aren’t always 100% accurate, but they give you the tools to help decide what your next step is on your life path.

Psychic Barbie, I didn’t believe you, but you got it right. You said I would be dating Larry, the guy from We have a date tonight. He said he misses me. When a psychic gets something right, I want to jump up and down with joy! Thank you!” – Loraine, Wading River

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