Mercury Turns Direct!

Hooray, Mercury turns direct today! That pesky retrograde influence that derailed your plans and messed with your travel arrangements over the past three weeks, is coming to an end. Meaning, you'll now be ... read more

Venus Opposes Pluto

Power-hungry Pluto opposes loving Venus today and tomorrow, which can cause all sorts of havoc in relationships. Be on the lookout for that green-eyed monster, jealously, along with the sudden urge to ... read more

Marriage Astrology

Can astrology reveal if your relationship is headed for the altar? You bet! Comparing the charts of two lovers will reveal the depth of their feelings for each other - and if they have what it takes to tie ... read more

June 2008 Forecast

Celestially speaking, June is typically an easy-going month that traditionally hosts more weddings than any other month of the year. Celebrations and graduations are likely to infuse the air with an ... read more

Retrograde Energy

Two planets turn retrograde today: Mercury (through June 18) and Neptune (through October 31). This high dose of retrograde energy favors introspection and perusing the past. On the challenging side, ... read more
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