Astrology: Your Sun Sign and Your Dream Job

Grabbing the Gold Ring

As the ancient Chinese curse would say, we’re living in “interesting times,” yet this could be a breakthrough year for your career. After all, where there is crisis there is also opportunity. It’s a portal into the unknown and it’s spectacular—particularly in the summer.

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This is your time to seize openings, assert yourself and move toward your dream job. If you believe in karmic choices, you chose to be born into a time that offers opportunities to change your destiny for the better during exceptional challenges. If you’re interested in “grabbing the gold ring,” this is certainly your time. Each sign has its special gifts and astrological opportunities in 2017:


You’re a natural hero, so your dream job would include this talent. Being an athlete, peace officer, or “good guy” politician are examples. You have the energy and optimism to make things happen when you’re passionate. 2017 also offers a great chance to help people who feel like outsiders. This approach can give you a real advantage to gain success.


You take joy in the beauty of your love life, your home, and in others. This will serve you in finding your dream job. Whether you’re an activist for the health of Mother Earth, or your talent is recognizing and sharing beauty—in people, through the arts, products/services—2017 is your opening to move forward toward your dream.


You’re skillful communications bring success. Therefore 2017 is a time to take that talent and aggressively break through what’s stood in your way in the past. Creative thoughts can bring big opportunities for you to share that brilliance that saves the day. Your ideas are certainly ripe. A communications or transportation career is a good 2017 choice.


You’re on the cutting edge of the future. You naturally intuit what’s coming. Your devotion to the health of humanity/the planet can allow you to open the doors to a safe, beautiful environment. You certainly love feeding people emotionally and physically. Doors open to your being a chef, psychologist, or another variation on your nurturing nature.


Boom! This year is in your lap. You have so much to offer that people are looking to you for guidance, particularly this summer when the “heart of the lion” is astrological gold. However, it’s crucial to not react if others are jealous or critical. Take a deep breath, listen to your heart and soul, and go from there. If you don’t overreact to management or clients, you’ll certainly achieve your dream.


You’ve been examining what’s most important to you over the past several years and have discovered what has your heart and what doesn’t deserve your energy. Your incisive thought process now moves to what’s at the core of your being—why you’re really here. Therefore, now is the time to take all of that hard work and be true to your career dream.


With Jupiter in your sign from September 2016 through October 2017, your dreams of a career that assures balance, beauty, fairness, and the law are expanded. Do you secretly want to be an attorney, a chef, an artist? Someone who brings exquisiteness to any part of human culture? Your path is certainly opening this year.


Big career opportunities are available, unfolding into a phenomenal 2018. You’ll feel a pull between home/family and your public image as you consider your options. If you consult your instincts, you’ll find the balance to take the path you want. Creative research or investigation can make you a leader.


If you’ve wanted to study or travel, this is the year to take that action to deliver you to your dream job. There will be surprising openings that you probably didn’t think you had the funds to pursue. If you want to teach, get into politics or use your spirituality in your career. This is certainly a great time.


Your life has been transforming in so many ways over that past several years that you hardly recognize yourself. You’re finally beginning to appreciate what you have to offer and what makes you special. Buried resources can appear this summer that you weren’t even considering. Finance and investments could serve you well.


The world is an open window to whatever you want in 2017. Recognize your old actions that weren’t fruitful. Instead, try a new approach. You see the future so clearly. Use that talent to propel you into whatever new area of life you want to conquer. When you have the urge to rebel, sit back, and wait and see what happens. You’ll certainly enjoy the benefits.


Your workplace will be entirely transformed in 2017. You’ll suddenly find a new way to express yourself, or you’ll find many changes at work that offer more creativity—no matter what surprising turn it takes. Inspiration guides you, and benefits will certainly come from undiscovered parts of you.

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