Advice From Beyond

“When callers are in extreme emotional pain, they can be unwilling to listen to messages I may have for them – other than what they called for,” reveals Donna ext. 9448, a Medium. This is true even when energies come through from the other side. “Sometimes those who have passed on want their message to be relayed so quickly that they’ll go to great lengths to drown out my other thoughts!”

About a year ago, Donna received a call from Kira (not her real name). The psychic immediately envisioned her client at the other end of the line – a phenomenon that generally occurs for Donna only if the caller is deeply troubled. Kira appeared to be thin, gaunt and almost lifeless – though she was only in her early twenties.

Kira asked the psychic if her boyfriend of many years would ever rethink his decision to leave what she thought was a very loving, growing relationship. “Is Noah (not his real name) gone for good?” she enquired.

Before the Medium could answer, a woman sitting in a wooden beach chair with a faded blue canvas back and seat appeared clearly in her vision. She was wearing shorts and a sleeveless blouse, and her arms were crossed. She was tapping her foot impatiently.

“Has your mother passed on?” the psychic asked Kira gently.

“Yes, but I really want to talk about Noah!” the client responded, quite sharply.

“But your mother is here… and she seems to have brought an entire ocean scene with her, to convince you to listen,” Donna added, with her usual warm humor.

Donna described the vision to the young woman in detail. Kira responded with an emotional “okay,” but impatiently pressed on for information about Noah.

By now, the psychic’s thoughts were overtaken by a thundering female voice repeating, “tell her to eat!” At that point, Donna told Kira, “here’s the deal: I can’t hear anything you’re saying, because your mother’s voice is drowning you out. It’s a lot of trouble to come through from the other side… why would your mother want me to tell you to eat?”

“I’m depressed. I can’t eat,” the client confessed, and burst into tears. “Is my mother really communicating with you? That’s her chair. She loved the beach, but she was afraid of the water… “

“There’s a young man standing near your mother. He has long wavy hair and a surfboard, and he’s calling me ‘dude!’ ” Donna told her.

“This is crazy…” Kira shrieked.

“Do you know this man?” Donna asked.

“It’s Noah’s brother. He was killed in a car accident right before my mom died.”

“He wants you to go to a sports bar this Saturday. It’s one you’ve been to with Noah. I see red leather, and it’s kind of a shabby place… Noah will be hanging out, and you two will start back up again.”

“That won’t happen…” the young caller replied despondently.

“Your mother is showing me something … a handmade clay ashtray. She made it. It’s in your bedroom. It looks like an explosion of orange paint.”

Kira screamed.

“Are you okay?” Donna asked her client repeatedly, until the young woman calmed down.

“How did you know all that?” Kira asked.

“I think I’m psychic,” Donna joked, and her caller finally laughed.

“Do you think you can trust the messages now?” the psychic enquired.

“I’ll give it some serious thought,” Kira said. Then she ended the call.

Donna remembers wondering all weekend whether or not her client had gone to the bar. On Sunday evening, Kira called back with a full report on their reunion. “He wants to know how I knew where to find him.”

“If you’re embarrassed to say that you had a reading, you can tell him it came to you in a dream,” the psychic suggested.

Over the next few months, Kira called Donna periodically to contact her mother. Eventually, the story of why Noah had severed their relationship unfolded. He could not accept his brother’s death… so as Kira mourned her mother’s passing, he had trouble watching her go through the stages of her own loss.

Recently the couple made a joint call to Donna. Kira had finally told Noah the true story of the messages from her mother and his brother. Noah admitted to the psychic that he often heard his brother speaking to him in his head, and worried that perhaps he was going crazy.

“He’s not trying to scare you… the worst thing we can do is stop communicating with our loved ones who have passed on. After all, we carry them around in our hearts and our minds as long as we live – so why not feel free to acknowledge them when we miss them? Despite all those crazy, scary Hollywood movies…” the psychic reminded them, “only the living can hurt you!”

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