Can I Contact Deceased Loved Ones?

What’s the best way to contact deceased loved ones? Will they speak to us on the other side? Learn how to tell when someone who’s passed away is around you. Here are some easy signs to get you started communicating with the deceased – who are very active, by the way, on the other side. When my son passed away from leukemia, I never thought I could recover from that, but he has helped me every step of the way. Since I am a medium, I had a head start in the communication department, but it really didn’t help me too much at the beginning. With practice, I believe you can connect with your deceased loved ones. Below is the short list of how to know that a deceased loved one is around you. Get in touch with a deceased loved one by talking with a medium today.

– A smell that reminds you of them: perfume, tobacco, pipe smells, cooking, incense, etc.

– Number combinations connected to when they passed or their birthday.– Pets going berserk, like they are playing with someone, or just staring into a corner for extended periods of time. Pets are very strongly connected to the other side, and are more sensitive to the energy there.

– Shadows moving around places they used to frequent.

– Hearing their voice out of the blue when you are half asleep or just waking up.

– Hearing their voice when you are wide awake.

– Lucid dreams, the ones that feel so real. This can usually mean a visitation from the deceased loved one.

– Columns of air, warm or cold, in places they used to frequent.

There are many more ways to know that a deceased loved one is around you, and they can come as one thing or a combination of things. The more you acknowledge the signs, and the more that you look for the signs, the stronger and more appropriate they get. You must ask them for a sign to begin with, and then expect the sign to be there. You can experiment with what kind of signs you want, and you can be as specific as you want. They are more likely to communicate with you personally than they are with me, and they are always ready to communicate with you when you need them.

Stay out of the fear of this type of communication, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. I was asked by quite a few people: “How do you know you are talking with your son?” My answer is always the same – “Because the alternative is unthinkable.”

Spirit communication like this is extremely positive for a lot of reasons, but the main reason I believe is so that we can be at peace ourselves, knowing that they are safe and happy. It can also help you get closure with a deceased loved one that you had an issue with. Once they’ve made their transition, they are with the angels, so they’re happy and finally “get it.”

I would be happy to answer any of your questions about spirit communication for future blogs, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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132 thoughts on “Can I Contact Deceased Loved Ones?

  1. Kell129

    I lost my finance in the line of duty in 2004. I have never gotten over it. He was my soul mate. When I got home from the hospital the lamp by the door that was always on was off. I tried to turn it on, but the bulb had burned out. I have always wondered if it was him telling me goodbuy. The lights in the house also started to flicker when I was just sitting there by myself talking and crying for him. Was it my wishes it was him or just coincidence? Even after 8 years can I still communicate with him? I have met a new guy and after 8 years think I’m ready for a new relationship. I want to know how he feels about this and if he would approve in my choice? What is the best way for me to make contact with him?

  2. Paramjot Singh

    Hi my name is paramjot, and I lost my girlfriend to leukemia stage 4 cancer. She died August 17, 2012, she was in a coma for 7 days until she passed away. I have noticed slight pressure on my chest whenever I’m really sad or crying to her thoughts. Is that her way of contacting me? She died at age 17, just 1 month before her birthday. Her last wish to me was to love her brother and sister as much as I loved her, so far I’m making her wish come true. But I just want talk to her and tell her how much I really love her. Can you please help me get in contact with her. I miss her everyday waking and dreaming moment. I’m not suicidal, but I do miss her so much, I just want the pain to stop. The only way I think to stop is it to talk to her one final time or maybe forever

  3. Johna

    My daughter recently passed away in march of this year. I have had a dream of her hugging me and telling me it is gonna be okay. That was great and so clear. I find myself when I go to bed that I hear a swoshing sound by my ears it comes and goes for a while then I hear voices talking so fast I can’t understand them. Could this be her trying to contact me and I just can’t understand her. It sometimes really scares me when it gets so intense. If it could be her what can I do to make her transison to talk to me easier?

  4. malena

    hi hern, i always smell my dads cigars and moms perfume. i keep dreaming about my dad who died 24 years ago. i keep dreaming my dad is living alone in this house i grew up at. he is living alone. i keep saying dad why you alone wake up crying. i also dream my mom didn’t die i always hug her say mom i thought you died. i do beleive this is not the end we only go through a different port hole. but they are always around us loving us guiding us protecting us. thanks hern i enjoy this article. god bless

  5. Ella

    Very early this morning, I had a dream…well, it actually felt very real. In the dream, my husband and oldest son and I were talking about nothing in particular, when I turned and saw my youngest son, Trev who I lost two days after Christmas. I walked over to him and hugged him. He put his arms around me..and I swear I could actually feel him in my arms and his arms around me. He said to me, and I really did hear his voice..”pick a song, Mom” I sat down and cradled him in my arms and felt him drift away, but as he did, time unfolded and he went backwards in time until I was holding him and staring into that sweet freckled face with all of that red hair he had when he was about two. At that point, I started to cry and my tears fell on his cheek. I woke up, still crying and very much shaken. I truly believe it was more of a visitation than a dream and that sometime soon I will know what he meant when he said..”Pick a song, Mom”

  6. Robin

    I lost my only child at 21 in 2009 since then I have been seeing signs of him. At first I wasn’t sure if it was him but after reading the article on how the decease talk to you I now know he is around me. I miss him so much and am trying desperately to live without him in my life. He was the best thing that ever happened to me and I just want him to know how much I love him forever and ever!! Thank you for the article I needed to read that since I am still grieving very bad for him!! I am trying Ryan I love you son!!!

  7. Denise

    My daughter Veronica passed away 5yrs ago in a car wreck, I hardly dream of her but I think about her daily. I miss her so much, I am constantly fixing her sign where she died and her grave. Is she happy where she is at? When the last time I heard her she called out my name in a scared way like something was happening to her? I worry about her all the time. Can you see if she is ok and happy?

    Thank you very much

  8. Teri Ray

    I love your article..very inspiring. I lost my only son & best friend in 2007. I was devastated and even though it has only been five seems as though it were yesterday. The grief of loosing a child is hard to explain. I feel him always..he always seems to appear with some sort of sign when I am sad or upset. God bless all of you that have lost a loved one, and believe always that they are still with you. ~Teri~

  9. Ella

    My son died in his sleep two days after Christmas and most days all I want is to be with him. No, I am not suicidal, but the pain is too much. We were so very close. I have no regrets or issues in our relationship. He was the one bright spot in my life.
    I do however have many questions about what caused his death and whether he knew or suffered…was he afraid or did he just slip away? These are things only he would know. I know there are things he wants to tell me. I have felt it since the day he died.

  10. Amin Hayat Khan Daha

    Hi Hern , My father passed away in 2008 and since then I have been desperate to contact him in any way. Your article inspired me. I am absolutely desperate to get in touch with my father so please help me. I look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Amin Daha

    Hi Hern, it was inspiring to read your article. My father passed away in 2008 and since then I have been very miserable. I miss him a lot and am absolutely desperate to get in touch with him. Please help me and tell me what to do to contact him.

  12. janet waykins

    i dream see my father who pass last year august sign a paper for me to take som where telling me to kill a little girl an i must not let she come to my home an i ask him not to leave me e say e would not leave me cause its he who is guiding me what does this mean

  13. Donna Frangona

    Hi Hern,
    You are such a inspiring reader that I have read with and blessed with those kinda of gifts. However I do agree with you on both of your articles. My dad passed away on June 29th 2010 and it is very hard to get over his death. But I smell him in the mornings and I also talk to my dad, in my mind before I go off to work. My father knew that I wasn’t happy with things in my life in genneral but I ask my father to show me a sign that he hears me. I tell him the hours that I am finished working and I ask him to bring me a retired Marine at the deli counter and I wind up waiting on 3 or 4 of these Marines. They are obvisouly customers but is it really a sign from my dad that he heres me talking or is it something else?

  14. sunday

    I had a dog named bentley and when I was going through my divorce this dog was such a comfort, he was my friend, he got into some poison and died on my bed. I still to this day tear up at the thought of him. I can be driving down the road and out of the blue smell his flea and tick soap. I tell my kids and they think I am crazy. Reading this now makes me realize what has been happening. I will have to be sure to talk to him next time he visits. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Sligh

    My Daddy passed away May 1, 1998 and I lost my first born Son on January 11, 2000. It still hurts til this day. My Grandpa passed September 11, 2008 They all carry my last name and they all were strong me now and then. I have three beautiful children now two girls and one boy his birthday is October 14th the same day my daddy was born. I asked my father when I was pregnant that if he and my son were always around me please send me a sign and I said if so my son will be born on your birthday. My sons due was Oct. 8 and he stayed until his day. My birthday is Sept. 27 my due date was on Oct. 14th I was suppose to be born on my daddy’s birthday but my mom said I was fast so I came two weeks early. My story is to say this those who loved us while they were here will love us even stronger while they are gone. I have three Angels that watch over my family and I and I feel their love each and every day.You just have to open your heart open your mind and open your SOUL.

  16. SCOTT

    Another form of communication I have experienced in the past is through music. My grandfather was known by his friends as “big john”. He was a very tall and stout man and his friends also connected the song “big john” by James Dean to him. The day my Grandfather passed away, the song played on the radio that same morning and I had not heard it playing ANYWHERE for the past18 or so years! Needles to say, I got chills up and down my spine!! I have also heard stories from others about certain songs and music being played at certain times which connected to someone that had passed away in their lives.

  17. Candice

    Back when I was 16…I had some really deep issues..very depressed..I attempted suicide..but it didn’t work..3 mos later..I attempted again..and I failed.. My little brother knew about one of the incidents. 9 mos after my first attempt…my 13 year old brother shot himself in the head because he was caught shop lifting a 49cent pkg of baseball cards. This was back in 1988. I was the only one with him that day. I even went down to the store to see what was taking him so long…because technically I wasn’t allowed to let him go anyway. When I found out what he had done..I was more concerned with getting my two dollars back..until I asked him what he was going to do..because the police officer was calling our mom. He said..”I’ll take care of it when I get home.” Well..because I was so depressed..I thought maybe he was talking about killing himself.. He was on his bike and I was on foot. When the officer released him..he took off..and I ran.. The wheel on the bike was still spinning when I got to the house. I walked inside..called his name.. Went down to the 3rd level..called again..and I heard a loud noise like something fell from a closet.. I started running upstairs and heard it again.. I went in my parents room..and my little brother was hunched over on the floor.. a vision I will never forget. Without making this a longer story.. My brother died thinking I didn’t love him…and after 23 years..he has never visited me in a dream.. I ask him to.. I ask him for signs.. and I don’t feel I get them.. I miss him..I need to know that he is okay.. I am about to turn 40..and I have never been in love..never been married..never really done much other than work and make many bad choices..probably punishing myself for his death.. I know I didn’t do this to him..but part of me will always feel like I gave him the idea.. or maybe that day when he asked me if I loved him..if I would have said yes..instead of well Steven..we fight all the time..maybe if I would have said yes..or maybe if I would have gone upstairs instead of downstairs.. I had no idea we had a gun..or that my dad had one. I have had counseling..and don’t really know what else to try.. I need to know that he is alright..and that one day I will see him in heaven.. I need to talk to him in my dreams and tell him I love him..and that I am sorry..and know he forgives me..but it doesn’t happen.. I have asked over and over again.. Talked to him.. I just wish I knew he was with the Angels..and not stuck in some limbo.. I miss him..

  18. Carmen

    Hi There,

    My other half passed away on 22 Feb after collapsing and went straight into a coma and passed away 4 days later. We had wonderful 8 years together and we never had fights. Still miss him very much. The shock was really really bad and the feeling just stays. Nights and I are not very good friends. It was our time to talk and swap stories. He was a BIG Beatle and Rollingston fan and when ever I feel sad, the radio would play a Beatle or Rollingston song, So yes….he’s watching over me!

  19. adorable

    I love my dady so much and the last time i saw him in my dream was the night he died and i have loved to communicate with him since he died but could not at least to feel his presence again and let him know how hard it is living without him. I think i can try communicate with him now.

    thank you for your help

  20. Madeleine Prudhomme

    my daugther Lise died in a car accident a year ago and i miss her very much , sometimes when these feelings of her get to me and i cry because i don’t want her to be dead , i know i have to let go and move on but i still feel so sad bacause of the turmoil she was having in her life,,

  21. Linda

    My fiance died at 50 recently. As a great fan of the Civil War, he left me a great sign more than once pertaining to the Civil War. It was a letter from Sullivan Ballou to his wife Sara. I heard this over the Concord bus system in to Boston in my headphones while listening to their piano music, one of 4 channels that comes into the passenger seats. The piano music stopped and here the drums started and a man recited the letter. This happened the day before he crossed over and I was with him to the very end. When arriving home one night I turned on the tv and didn’t change the channel and immediately there was a Cival War feature and the letter was being recited. Also his pocket watch stopped the moment he died, it was in my jeans pocket. Later on, two more time pieces did the same thing. This thing with the clocks also happened with my mom who died at 7 o’clock. He was also a huge fan of Elton John, certain song comes on and I know its him because he called me by the name of the song, I just always say thank you…I loved him and still love him so much. I feel he is around me and certainly feel those chills..Hope this helps all of you out there…believe and keep your senses open..

  22. Isabel

    Dear Hern:
    I just found out my baby brother passed away years ago through someone who was doing a liberation, he said my brother died in tragical circumstances in a Colombian Amazonian Jungle. He send us a message. He said also that he can not go to the light before other family members can help him out.
    We lost all communication from him in 1990. I talk to him yesterday and started a healing process within also to help him out. My question is; if the family doesn’t want to do nothing to this respect how can i be able to help my brother to cross over?
    Please help to bring light into this situation for him….
    God bless

    Thank you

  23. Cherri

    My grandmother passed away within a year of my moving back in with my parents 13 years ago. I was only here for 6 months when she passed. For the longest time, I felt horrible that the last time my mom seen her, was when she came back to Michigan to move me back out to Utah. I carried this guilt with me for years. One night, I dreamt about her. She came to me in a dream, and sat me down. She told me that it wasn’t my fault, and she loved me. For some reason, I really felt that to be real, and now I don’t doubt it at all. I dreamt about her last night too, I’m going to be 40 here in a few weeks, and she made me a birthday cake. I miss her lots, but it’s comforting when she shows up in my dreams like that. However, I never thought it would be her that visited me, but I’m so glad that she does. :D)

    Great article, I enjoyed it. Thank you 🙂

  24. Ramona

    My dad passed in 2002 When he passed I new it. he came to me and my so the night he passed I feel him all the time around me my sister & also my very best friends passed in July 2010 and I miss her so much it hurt I look for her every were But i just cant feel her or see her at all why is that I would like to know sh alright.

  25. Dennis

    It is possible to reconnect with loved ones who have passed. My son Waldo traveled to heaven almost 6 years ago. At the time I did not know one day I would beable to communicate with him again. I was with him through the very end holding him and talking to him trying to make it easier for him to move on. At the time I did not know if he could hear me but just in case I had a lot to say. In the months following Waldo’s passing I read everything I could about communicating with the dead. I thought it was kind of crazy but just in case there was something to this I would do and learn all I could in order to reconnect with my son. It has been a wonderful experience finding that my son is not dead but just living in another place, a beautiful peaceful place we call heaven. Waldo has given me so many wonderful messages and always sends me signs he is still around to help and protect me. So for those of you who have lost someone and wonder if it is true that communication is possible be assured it is. If I can learn to communicate with my son then you all can learn to do the same. Beleive, it will happen. The first step is to get a reading from a Medium so you will know it is possible for you also. Read, read and read some more, the more you understand the more you understand what is possible

  26. Deirdre

    A month or two after my mother died I was missing her very much. I began going through a small travel suitcase in which she had “stored” things. Inside I found a stack of Kennedy half-dollars. I wondered why she had saved those as she was not a collector. That evening I was working as a cashier at my second job in a craft store. A young man in his late 20’s and his mother were paying me for a purchase. I owed him 13 cents, which I accidentally dropped. After searching for it, I realized it had gone under the register and began digging though my apron to see if I personally had change – no luck. I told him I would call a manager to open the register, but he said it wasn’t necessary. I apologized several times and he kindly told me not to worry. His mother walked ahead of him to the door. Half way to the door he stopped, put his hand in his pocket and turned to me, saying, “I forgot. I’m supposed to give you this.” I said, “No, I owe you money. You don’t owe me anything.” He said, “No, you are supposed to have this.” He handed me a Kennedy half-dollar! An angel – I know my mother was telling me she was there. I have no doubts!

  27. CATHY


  28. Carol

    People, always ask if you can really talk to deceased loved ones. The answer is they’re always there, & always try to convey their messages. If it’s a dream, trust me it’s really them, especially if it’s a very vivd lucid dream. I have been blessed with the ability, to not only dream of my loved ones, but also, other people that I know, & have passed any information to the persons family members. I was at first hesitant, because I never wanted to upset others, but it’s better to tell them than not. It took me so many years to finally realize how important this was to share this information, but it was all worthwhile & still is. I thank my Great Grandmother Mary for the gift she passed down, to all of us in our family who have it. Grandmom, was one of a kind Just amazing. She was born in 1876 and passed in 1973. But her influence ….lives…..on.

  29. ina

    hi! its a wonderful article…
    also have a personal story. .last august 27,2011 my boyfriend died at the age of also 15 yrs old. he died because of bone cancer.his right hand was cut off.i thought it was all better but the cancer had already spread through his lungs. .it was so sad because during our junior years he was courting me for 9 months when we finally are in a relationship for 6 months he already was diagnose by cancer. i felt full of sorrow and i wanted to reach out to others but i cant. i felt so alone eventhoug i knew he will be gone anytime i still hang out with him and i still visit him frequently.i really loved him and he really loved me. but its so sad to think he was gone. .and hes my bestfriend since grade 6. how can i minimize the pain//its so hard

  30. Laura Fell

    I have had so many experiences that I am grateful for. In dreams I have been given directions where to look for a letter ( in the piano stool) that was my grandmother’s saying “goodbye”. When my best friend died, I cried for a week that he would never call me again and I was praying and meditating about him and the phone rang. When I checked my phone messages, his phone number came up ( his apt. which noone was living in since he had died the week before) so he wanted to tell me he would still be in touch. I find gifts from him and my grandmother comes to talk to me often. I had started smoking again 2 weeks ago and I woke up in the night with my throat burning and she told me how angry she was with me. SHe used to read tea leaves when she was alive and when I was in despair 4 years ago over a child custody suit, she came to tell me my future and not to despair. WHat she told me has been coming true and when I doubt her she comes back to tell me that she is “Awffy true”. SHe also tells me which family members she wants me to be in touch with and I try to make sure that I write to them often. I know I am so incredibly blessed to have my grandmother and my best friend who come and visit me and tell me off sometimes. I think we all have it but some of us are so skeptical we ignore the signs or dismiss it as imagination or even madness. Have faith. Love never dies, it just transforms.

  31. Aurora Mercado

    I believe everybody has an amazing story to share. Something that happens to them that can change their life forever…

    My story started in the month of November 2009 when a dear friend passed away very tragically and suddenly. I had never felt so much pain and I had never had so many unanswered questions. I was left with trying nights and a hollow heart. All of my close friends would ask right away what was wrong?because they could see the pain deep in my eyes. I would always try to explain what happened and people close to me would comfort me as best they could. They would become my blankets of warmth and support.

    I found out one of the most difficult parts about dealing with my friends death was the fact that I began to feel his spirit around me more then I ever. While lying in bed I would feel cold light breezes wash over my face, his presence was near and knowing that, made the hurt that much harder to deal with, because at the time I still believed that I couldn’t hold him, or talk to him anymore. I would feel him while I sang gospel on stage, balls of light energy would sink deep into my body making me shudder and I would know my friend had not left me. I started to notice signs. Hearts would appear in random places, in the shape of the leaves that had fallen on the street, random heart shapes would appear in the food that I would eat, a heart would appear in my headphone wires that were laying on my bed, and even once while I was draining my Yerba Mate from a bowl into a mug, a heart shape began to appear in the left over herbs that had remained. The most outstanding things began to show me that I no longer was alone and that my friend was there to be by my side to support me and help me along the way. Slowly I let myself accept the amazing signs that he was giving me.

    As time went on my life went through its own ebbs and flows of change. That coming year I had left everything behind in my hometown of San francisco, got engaged and moved to North Carolina. My fiance was in the military so I spent a lot of time by myself in this new apt we had just moved into. I was not sure whether it was the location that was an opening to a more spiritual force, but I do know I was experiencing things that continued to let me know my friend who passed away was still choosing to be by my side and wanted me to know it.
    There comes a point when anybody in my shoes would start debating whether all these coincidences where in their head and whether they were just holding on to something that they needed to let go of, so I decided to make my first call to California Psychics. I looked for mediums.
    When I made that call the woman on the other line was warm and understanding. The moment our conversation took my breath away is when she new my friends name and said she could feel his energy around me and it was very strong. The magic in our conversation started when she began to name so many personal things I had been going through and telling me how my friend was there to help and guide me. She was able to tell me things I would do around my apt when know one was home, implying that my friends spirit was with me and watching me. She was able to tell me, coming from him, all the questions that needed to be answered as well as things he wished he had told me when he was alive. Everything was out on the table and that hole in my heart began to slowly close.
    I had a few more conversations with this particular psychic and amongst one of them she had asked if my friend had come to me yet in a dream. I said no, she then proceeded to say that he would come to me in a dream in one of the nights soon to follow, and he did. It was one of the most amazing things to happen to me in this life. I was finally able to hold him and tell him I loved him. The most powerful thing about that experience was I never had the chance to tell him how much I loved him as a friend when he was alive.

    I now have a beautiful child that was born this past Feb and I continue to allow my friends presence to be by my side to help and guide me through hard times, as well as be there during wonderful and happy times. I talk to him and always let him know I will always care. After everything spiritual I have been through, and continue to go through to this day, I make a constant effort to educate myself by reading books that inform me on life after death. I love reading other peoples amazing stories that are similar to mine. I hope that my story can open your heart to the phenomenal gifts that this life and beyond can offer.

  32. vonda tay

    Our daughter passed away the 30th of june, she was only 44 , and it took so many years for them to diagnose a thyroid problem. Her passing was so absolutely horrible–the doctor s took who knows how long she was lying in bed after a heart attack before being revived, they said that cause her brain to swell. I desperately would love to communicate with her. A wicked nurse kept me from talking to her the two hours that I was close enough to see her, that was on just 7th>

  33. Paulette

    The morning after my husband died lightbulbs kept going out. I wasn’t able to find the two! dustpans. Shortly afterwards the DW and washer died. I said, thanks a lot, VERY helpful of you. One day I was sitting in a chair holding my daughter and crying and she asked me why I was so sad and I said, “Because Daddy’s gone” and she pointed behind me into the hallway and said, “No, he’s not, he’s right there!” She was 2 yrs. and 3 months old. I just had a dream, 11 years after he died, where we moved into a Victorian house (my dream house) together and were unpacking together. I saw a psychic a few months after he died and she told me stuff no one else could have known. Your loved ones are always with you, one way or another. I talked to him via the psychic and my grandmother and a friend dropped in too! It was wonderful.

  34. tina

    its been 2 years since my husband of 26 years died in a car accident i dont see his face anymore or hear his voice .rarely dream about him .but i feel i havnt fully let go or he hasnt .every once in awhile i feel him in the room thru an old song or a very sad moment .dont know how to work thru this so he can go or is soposed to be here .ive still single havnt dated in a year in a half wanted it that way to find myself.

  35. barbara

    My mom died in 1995 of Cancer.I am constanly seeing 341 which was the address of the home I grew up in as a child.She was the most loving mom in the world and whenever I pray to her I feel victorious.Everytime an evil person tries to mess with me I ask my mom for srength and guidance anfd I always seem to find a way out.While she was dying I remember telling a priest I didnt know what I was going to do with out her cause she helped me so much as I had 2 little girls and no spouse when she passed.(they are now grown and beutiful.The priest answered if you think she does alot for you know picture what she can do for you fron heaven.I miss her so much.I feel her with me all the time.This is the thing that keeps me going,besides my 2 beautiful daughters. thank you,barbara Mortillaro

  36. Chrissi Matusevics

    I lost the first man I ever truly loved a year ago last November his best friend had asked me to go see him a few years before and as I was having trouble in my marriage then, I did not go as I was afraid if I did I might not want to return to my marriage, I do feel he’s here sometimes and I certainly hope so as I know now I was never mature enough at the time to appreciate the things he was trying to teach me,and do for me, and I hurt him badly, funny thing was another friend told me that he’d never stopped loving me, which was probably why every time we split up we would soon get together again, and I realise now I’d felt the same too, but he’d had an arranged marriage made for him and so he moved away from the area we lived in and I’ve married twice since then, this time to a good hearted man with whom I have a 19 year old son, so I thought I’d moved on, it was only since I heard of his death these feelings have resurfaced, and I keep on asking myself was it because we had unfinished business or just because we did love each other so much ?

  37. Dutra Cynthia

    Hello. My cousin (but, was more closer to me than, any sibling) died (in my arms)unexpectedly- about 3yrs ago. He was 39 yrs July 28th, 1969. His initials spelled RED -favorite color ? yep, RED> birthstone? yes- ur smart, RED…he was always 2yrs older than I, I just passed him in age on earth, last year. : (
    I loved him, so ooo ooo much. This is the first time in my life, were I had a boyfriend that, he has nt screened. H e e l l p p p? His name is, Ron Davis.

  38. Dena Davis

    Hi I was wondering if the communication starts the min they pass or does it take time. and I wanted to ask you if it is common for people to pass on the day of there birth and the same hour as they were born , My husband passed after living 55 years and 9 months, no min or hours . he was born on the 23 of nov at 8:01 am he died on aug 23 at 8:01am, Ijust wondered if that meant anything. Thank you Dena

  39. sweetpatricia52

    Hi Hern,
    My name is Patricia and my husband of 31 years passed away suddenly on May 5, 2010. He was born on 12/31/46. During the years we were married, we seperated 3 times but always got back together. In July of 2007, I found out about something terrible my husband did during our first 5 years of marriage. When I found this out, we had been married for 29 years. When I confronted him about what I found out, he told me that he was sorry, I need to forget about it, and he said he loved me. I know you think I’m referring to an affair but it’s much worse than that. It’s HORRIBLE.
    Now that he’s gone, I feel like he betrayed me and stole 29 years of my life from me. I was so angry and hurt by what I found out that I became angrier than I ever have in my entire life and once again I told him to leave. We were seperated when he died and I was the one who found him. I took care of his final arrangements and everything.
    I wonder if he was ever really honest when he said he loved me because he kept this dark part of his past a secret for 29 years and he thought I should just forget about it. I wish it were that simple but it isn’t. We both made some bad decisions over the years but this secret of his feels like the ultimate betrayl.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you so much!!!

  40. Sonja Hardy

    My father died in Oct of 2000.I thought I saw him in vehicles every now and then when I was driving ,it would startle me.I smelled him in certain places and everything reminded me of him.All the signs dad was sending me seem to fade.It is 10 years later and signs that my dad is around is powerful.Prior to this tenth year I started feeling differently.I felt like I can feel energy from the other side and sense what they are trying to get across to me.Mostly from my dad,daughter,and grandma from moms side.I feel my dad is around now for a reason.I have my own ideas but not to sure.I am hoping the spirits will let me know:)

  41. Connie Butt

    My husband of 7 years went to his Country of Pakistan back in Sept of 2009. I did get a call from his daughter the morning of March 13, 2010 that he had passed away from a heart attack.
    My ears heard the news but being almost a year has passed without any communication from him, my heart says he is still very much alive.
    How can I know for sure? whether he has really passed on or if he really is alive?
    What signs am I to look for.?
    I have had dreams of him driving up into our driveway in a blue car.
    I have had dreams of seeing him sitting on a corner as I drive by and we speak that we need to talk with each other.
    My Mama did pass away Dec 12, 2007 and I have even talked with her asking for her help and guidance into the unknown but have received nothing.
    He, my husband loved my mama very much.
    Please help me out on this one.
    Connie Butt

  42. amark

    Hi Hern
    My name is Angela. My husband and I lost our infant daughter on August 8, 2010 she was only 4 days old. I guess what I want to know is she around us? Is she okay? Is she with loved ones? What does the future hold for my family?
    I feel that I need answer and need to connect with her.
    Please help me.

  43. greeneyes

    Hi Hern!!
    Great article! My Grandmother who past away two years ago, has appeared and talked to my nine year old son. He also tells me he sees a man. I have showed him pictures of my Father who passed away over thirty years ago and he says it looks like him. I have told him I believe him and tell him if he wants to he can talk to me about it. I was wondering would any of this work with a child? Is there anything I can teach or help to strengthen this gift?
    Many Blessings,
    With Grace and Gratitude,

  44. hern

    Hey Jacqueline

    Absolutely true on all of the signs that you mentioned as well. Sometimes all we have to do is stop, look up and say “Thank You.” Acknowledgment is very crucial to keep the signs coming to you.


    Ext. 5239

  45. Jacqueline

    Hi Hern,
    Love your article, may I also share, spirits are energy so they can manipulate it, they love to flicker or burn out light bulbs, adjust your TV or radio volume, even ring your phone in the middle of the night, strangely enough, no number on caller ID.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  46. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Yes…..I agree with Miss Krystal……this is great information for our readers and clients.

    Great article …..well done !!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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