Psychic Success Story: How a Medium Reading Changed a Psychic’s Life

Reading Changed a Psychic’s Life

Who’s David?

Decades ago when I was in my early 20s and considered an emerging psychic medium, I had the good fortune of being mentored by the brightest and best mediums in the psychic world. Many of my early psychic teachers were quite elderly when they mentored me, and they had been readers all their lives. During my apprenticeship, one of the famous mediums asked me, “Who’s David?” I didn’t know a David. No one in my family had ever been given that name to my knowledge. I never had a friend, schoolmate or coworker named David. Who was David?

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David Was so Persistent

David was always there. He was waiting, wanting and practically desperate for validation, yet every time a medium asked me about him, I didn’t know who he was. He was not a guide and apparently not a relative. But why was he so persistent? It was puzzling.

My Family Was Stumped

I asked my mother if she ever had a miscarriage. She hadn’t. I asked her if there was a relative that no one talked to, and there wasn’t. She was as stumped as I was. And over the years mediums continued to ask me about David.

A Brother on the Other Side?

During one reading a medium asked me if I had a brother on the other side. I said I didn’t, but she said that I did, but I just didn’t know it. How was that possible? I kept trying to figure it out, but I got no solid answers. I asked David who he was to me. I asked him for an answer that was easy to understand. I told him I needed an explanation. But he wouldn’t give me one that I could understand. Eventually my parents passed away and went to the other side. Often, they came to me with messages, along with David. But none of them could answer that one question.

A Call From Her Biological Father

The day before 9/11, I got a phone call that changed absolutely everything. A man who my family believed had been killed during World War II called me. He was very much alive and had found me via the Internet. He was my biological father, and he had no idea I existed until the day he found me. We spent a lot of time talking on the phone before I traveled to meet him and his children—my brother and sister. I always knew I had other relatives somewhere out there and I finally got to meet them.

Psychic Siblings

My sister was an accomplished attorney and lobbyist before she retired and she’s psychic, just like me. My brother is also very psychic. My sister said, “I always knew I had a sister. I could feel it in my bones.” We started talking about relatives—both living and deceased. She told me about another brother born after her. He had been born with severe medical problems and lived only about three months before he passed away. His name was David!

Through Time and Space

Through time and space, my brother, David, reached out to me from the other side. He never gave up, knowing that one day I would know who he was. He always comes to me in the spirit of love, and now we communicate all the time. He gives me accurate messages to share with my family, friends and clients. Recently, he came to me and showed me a white candle he was lighting. It was for a regular client of mine who had asked for a prayer.

All of Us are Being Watched Over

As a medium, I continue to be in awe of the people who come though. I know now that all of us are being watched over with loving eyes and open hearts by those on the other side—both known and unknown. David is all the proof I need.

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10 thoughts on “Psychic Success Story: How a Medium Reading Changed a Psychic’s Life

  1. PSYCHIC FIONA #5178

    Blessings to all my wonderful clients who put their faith and trust in me to deliver accurate messages from loved ones, spiritual guides, psychic impressions, and timely astrological predictions. I love you all.

  2. THE

    Your father loves and misses you badly he wants you to follow your heart and be happy always know that he is with you so my advice don’t disappointe him by letting him down wakeup and smile as you start for work cuz always daddy’s little princess.

  3. Shoshana - 6497

    What a wonderful story. Your readings have been terrific for me..
    Keep on writing, I had great inspiration from your experience.
    Great psychics are mentored when they are young. That’s why you are so accurate.
    Blessings and thank you.

  4. mariaelena

    wow what a story. thanks fiona for sharing. fiona is my go to reader she has always been accurate since 2010 when i first started reading with her. i always remember when she said my boyfriends knickname zeke she didn’t know his name let alone his nickname. said the sprites said he was very confused but would be back with me. i will be contacting her soon when my finances get better as i do need an update. god bless fiona talk to you soon xxxooo malena.

  5. charmaine dean

    I feel like there’s something wrong and missing in my life but I just can’t seems to figure it out but I guess that some day I might have that kind of insight

  6. Jeff

    Since October of 2015 I have spoken with several California pyshics and all of them gave me hopes and made me believe what my dreams are and who I wanted to loved me and not to worry!! It’ll happen in just a few shorts months!
    It’s now the middle of June 2016
    And my dreams of the girl I love has never came true.
    My thoughts are they just feed of if what you want to hear and make you feel good and believe everything will happen S they say it will
    Needless to say I’m very disappointed with these so called pyshics and will not seek their abilities agian !!


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