Use Reiki to Heal Past Lives

Reiki, roughly translated as Universal Life-Force, is a form of energy balancing and healing.

Once attuned by a Reiki Master, the practitioner accesses the life-force of the universe and becomes a vessel, transmitting spirit’s energy to another, with the ability to heal on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Through continuous practice of tapping into the universal consciousness, one is able to develop the ability to “download” specific information, including past lives and data from the Akashic records.

The Akashic records have been known of in a variety of cultures. These records are the library of every thought, word and action we have ever done and said in all of our previous life-times, and is the storehouse of our karma, often times carrying over mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical patterns, both positive and negative.

We are born into certain life situations in order to pay karmic debts, or for our soul to experience the opposite of how we lived in a previous life-time. As an example, suppose in another life you were in a position of power and used your powers in a negative way – be it with words, actions or thoughts. Your soul, before its next incarnation, would want to experience being on the receiving end of these actions – all for the evolution and growth of our spirit.

However, there are so many who refuse to truly look at themselves and take responsibility for their life-state and experiences, usually blaming others or our “karma” for our situations. What is most forgotten is that we are co-creators with spirit, and with that comes free will. The choices we make are ours and ours alone, creating our own future with every thought, word and deed.

When practicing Reiki, there comes a point where the mind enters a meditative state and our intuition blossoms with the energy of spirit as our guide, instructing us where healing is most needed within ourselves or another. As a practitioner, you may already be experiencing visions or images associated with certain chakras or parts of the body. With enough practice, we learn the art of letting go and allowing spirit to guide the ability to download information related to the other person or ourselves—which is used only for the greater good of all.

Before using Reiki, pray to spirit that you be allowed to access your Akashic records, asking to be a vessel for its all encompassing, healing and loving energy and to be shown what is most relevant for your greatest good. After your prayer, turn on your Reiki, allowing your mind to enter a meditative state. This, as with all things, takes practice – so be gentle with yourself! From this point, breathe gently and normally, finding the fine line between random thoughts and the Reiki energy.

From this state you may experience seeing yourself in a vast and endless library where you are guided to your records, or random images will begin to arise. Each person has their own experiences, and these should never be compared to others’.

Whatever your experience, when these images arise, flow with them like waves on the ocean, allowing them to arise and fall of their own accord. Eventually, you will begin seeing images of a person from another time that you will intuitively know is you.

From here, experiences, actions and interactions will arise – and with them, the attendant emotions of these experiences. Some will be pleasant and some unpleasant, but whatever is experienced, just stay with it, flow with it, knowing that it is being shown to you for a reason, for your greater good.

Visualizing the distance healing symbol, send love, light and forgiveness to yourself in that life and experience, particularly if you were acting in a less-than-decent way. If it becomes overwhelming for you, stay connected, but gently pull back your attention and breathe into your diaphragm to ground yourself. Just remember that these emotions and memories are arising for you to heal and correct patterns in your life – they are meant to be felt, experienced, processed and released.

Many times, the moments of our deaths in a past-life will be shown, as well as the associated thoughts and emotions. This is a great gift, since it is usually during death that we carry with us the feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences into our next incarnation – so if this does arise, great! Feel the emotions (they won’t kill you!) and send healing to yourself. This is a huge benefit in clearing out the mental, emotional and spiritual patterns that you may be experiencing in this life.

When the session is completed (and you will know this intuitively), recite a personal prayer to spirit, thanking it for its guidance, healing and protection – and then immediately write out the experiences and information you received. Was there a pattern to these experiences? Were certain emotions or experiences repetitive through various life-times? And most importantly, putting together the experiences, emotions, situations and patterns, look for the parallels that correspond to your present life.

With practice and patience, you will be able to easily access your records and download pertinent information and past-life data. You’ll be able to heal yourself, enabling you to live the life you have only imagined.