DreamCast: Leaving for France?

My husband and I were getting ready to leave for France – not sure if it was a trip or if we were moving. I had some last-minute shopping to do so I went to some discounted places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls with a couple of good girlfriends. I realized I needed to buy a journal and a high-end candle, as these items had added so much to our previous visits. I separated from my friends and was rushing off to the next store while trying to text them, when I realized my husband was waiting and I had to get going.

Elizabeth in Los Angeles

Hello Elizabeth,

How exciting! It seems you’re preparing for some changes in your life. It also seems you feel pulled in two different directions. On the one hand, you’re having fun with girlfriends, but the big event is traveling to France with your husband, which may symbolize an important turning point. Does this seem familiar in waking life? Are you having to make some choices about your long-term goals? Do you have a tendency to get distracted with less important things? What “last minute” activities do you need to accomplish right now that will enhance your overall path? (Aside from shopping, that is!) Just some things to think about. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,

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