DreamCast: Taking the Blame for Her Estranged Husband

I keep having dreams about my estranged husband. Usually we are reconciling. But this one a few nights ago scared me. He had what appeared to be blood all over his shirt. I thought he’d been stabbed, and I offered to go to the police and take the blame for whatever it was he’d done. What does this dream mean? Why do I continue to dream of him? We’ve been estranged for 15 months.

Lorraine in Asheboro, North Carolina

Hello Lorraine,

Your dreams are undoubtedly revealing some unfinished emotional business you have with your estranged husband. The most intriguing part of the dream was your willingness to take the blame for his crime, although you thought he’d been stabbed (suggesting he was the victim, not the perpetrator). Some things to think about: Are you taking too much of the blame for the failure of your marriage? Are you making excuses for your husband’s behavior? Or perhaps you feel he’s been victimized by his past (or by you), and that exempts him from much of the responsibility for your breakup. At any rate, there seems to be a question about shared responsibility for mistakes. If you can clarify what happened in your marriage, without the blame-game (towards him or yourself), then you’ll come to terms with the situation with more peace in your heart.

Sweet dreams,

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