DreamCast: A Psychic Connection With a Boyfriend and a Cousin

Is it possible to communicate with someone in your sleep and have another person hear it? One night my cousin woke me up to tell me that he heard my guy talking to me, and he wasn’t even there. Also, there are times when I haven’t heard from my guy in a couple of days. Then I’ll have a dream where I see him and I ask him where he has been and how he is doing, and the very next day I will hear from him. Is this just a coincidence or am I really communicating with him?

Karen in Yonkers, New York

Hello Karen,

It sounds like you have quite a psychic connection with both your cousin and your boyfriend. Dreams take place on many levels. Dreams usually reveal unconscious desires or problems that are affecting your waking life. Dreams can also come to you for creative inspiration. Some dreams just reflect what’s going on in your sleeping environment, such as dreaming of being punched, when in reality your partner just turned over and hit you in the head. Then there are psychic dreams. These often have a realistic quality that’s unusual in ordinary dreams. Or they’re short and to the point, like in your dream where you spoke with your boyfriend. I think some couples, friends or family members have the ability to send and receive telepathic communications with each other. Perhaps emotional closeness is a factor. All in all, your dreams are a testament to the reality of telepathic communication. Thank you for sharing them!

Sweet dreams,

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