DreamCast: Deceased Parents

I always dream of my deceased parents and scenes of our good times when they were alive. I also keep dreaming of our old house and the place where I grew up. What do these dreams mean?

Emily in the Philippines

Hello Emily,

It seems you’re reviewing your past, perhaps in preparation for a new path. The dreams about your childhood home may indicate you’re working through some old emotional issues so you can move forward with increased clarity and focus. Since the dreams about your parents evoke positive feelings, they most likely symbolize love and support. Perhaps in waking life you’re needing to feel the comfort of being cared for. Your parents may even be communicating with you from the afterlife through your dreams, as is common with deceased loved ones. You can speak with them in your dreams, if you have a strong enough intention to do so. Then you can ask them directly what their message is for you.

Sweet dreams,

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