DreamCast: Chased by Dobermans

Cari from Torrance, California writes:

My dream begins on a sunny day. I am nine years old, and wearing a white floral dress. My hair is loose, and I can hear birds chirping somewhere. I am barefoot, walking on perfectly cut green grass. In front of me are tall crops – corn, I assume – but looking closer, I see that they are green sugarcane crops. Suddenly, two black and brown Doberman pinscher dogs appear and start barking at me, and I become scared. They both wear red collars, and seem to want to hurt me. The dogs chase me through the cane crops. Seeing a tall green tree, I run towards it and climb the tree, and as I climb, I see clouds forming in the sky. The dogs begin to climb the tree as well, but I keep climbing until I get to the largest branch. However, it breaks, and I begin to run again as fast as I can.

Then, somehow, I begin to fly! Initially, I’m scared, but then I’m relieved, because the dogs can’t get to me. I see them on the ground, jumping and barking. I fly over a canyon, and then begin to descend. Now I’m struggling, and soon I’m falling into an abyss. I see rocks and brown dirt everywhere, and am falling face-first to the ground. Just as I’m about to hit the ground, I wake up with my heart beating almost out of my chest. I don’t understand what this dream might mean, or is telling me, but I remember details, and I felt I was a kid again. Please help.

Hello Cari,

Your dream may be bringing up a childhood fear that’s hounding you (no pun intended). Dogs sometimes symbolize loyalty, so perhaps you felt let down by someone who cared for you when you were about 9. On the other hand, Dobermans are often highly protective, so the dogs may have been trying to protect you from something, even though they appeared to be a threat. Or because most dream elements are part of the dreamer’s psyche, it may be your fear that’s chasing you. Also, the red collars could be a warning to stop what you’re doing – or stop running. As for the sugarcane crops, they might reveal a problem with the sugar in your diet.

Another clue… you indicated that you were born in 1981, so you’re experiencing your first Saturn return, which takes place every twenty-nine years or so, and lasts for about two and a half years. Saturn returns are all about responsibility and commitment, and can bring up any fears you have that hinder your personal growth. Your dream suggests that you can’t escape whatever is chasing you, because you fell to the ground when you tried to fly away. This means that you need to stand your ground and face it. Fortunately, you have Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn, which gives you tremendous inner strength to deal with inner and outer challenges whenever they arise.

Sweet dreams,

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