DreamCast: Sudden Death of Ex-Lover Shocks Dreamer

Denise from Taylorsville, Utah writes:

I dreamed I’m with a man who I was intimate with in waking life, but I haven’t seen in nearly two years. The dream was hot and steamy, even though we never “did it.”

After I woke up, I wanted to go see him. I put it off, telling myself that I would contact him at the beginning of the week. Then he drowned within twenty-four hours of my dream. I’ve been very bothered by this, because I wasn’t able to see him before he died. Why would this be? Any input that you could share with me would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

Hello Denise,

Not being able to say goodbye before someone you care for dies can leave a painful hole in your heart. Still, your former lover is alive on the other side, so there’s no reason you can’t say goodbye to him now, and perhaps share some feelings you have for him as well. He will hear you. You might even dream of talking to him at some point. If the conversation seems very real, then it’s likely a visitation in the afterlife.

As for the dream you had before he died, I don’t believe the timing of it was a coincidence. You may have psychically picked up on his impending death, and then dreamed of him to point out some unresolved feelings you have for him, sexual or otherwise. The main thing to remember is that the soul lives on, and you have only to speak the words from your heart to genuinely communicate with him. If you sense his presence, this confirmation of the afterlife may be the greatest gift he could give you.

Sweet dreams,


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