Housewarming Party Dream

Melinda from Los Angeles writes:

I’m at a large condo that’s beautifully designed and apparently belongs to my older brother. My recently deceased uncle and my elderly and sick aunt (his sister) come together to view the new home, welcomed by my brother and father. They welcome them into the house and give them a tour of the new home. My uncle and aunt congratulate my family on the new home and keep praising how beautiful it is. They go around looking at all the rooms, but the dream focuses on the living room and kitchen. Although they congratulate my brother on his new home, it is actually where the entire family lives (my parents and siblings). What could this mean?

Hello Melinda,

There is a harmonious feeling to your dream that speaks well of your family relationships. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, while the living room symbolizes your day-to-day life. Both of these symbols have a positive tone in the dream, which further emphasizes the loving bond you have with your family.

On the other hand, if that’s something you’ve been struggling with, the dream may have come to you as a message of encouragement, telling you that your family ties are about to improve. It’s a new home, so perhaps you’re embarking on a new way to view your family. It might also be that you’re exploring your family history, especially regarding the men, and seeing how the past influences your feelings and motivations in the present. You seem to be embracing the positive aspects of “maleness,” which can lead to a healthy expression of assertiveness and brainpower. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,


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  1. Susheel

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