DreamCast: A Big Wolf

All in a dream

I was running along in a large open field and there was a big wolf in front of me. I wasn’t very afraid as he wasn’t too menacing, but I stopped and backed up anyway. There was a girl from work hunching down nearby and I hunched down next to her. The wolf then came over and I stood up and started waving my arms over my head and made loud noises to scare it away. Then some other people from work came over and we all stood up and started walking along in a tight group, towards the wolf. We knew he couldn’t hurt us if we were all in a pack. We walked right by him, unharmed. What could this mean?

Jenna in Los Angeles

Hello Jenna,

My first thought is that someone in your work environment, probably someone in authority, is abusing his power (the wolf is male, so I assume it’s a guy). In the dream, the wolf is somewhat of a threat, but you feel confident that a synchronized effort will allow you to stand up to him. What’s happening at your work? Is there a policy or person that is threatening you and your coworkers? Do you and your coworkers need to initiate a change together?

Another way to look at the dream is that the wolf is part of you. It’s the male (animus) side of your psyche that is the source of your power. It’s the ambitious, assertive, go-getter part of you. Perhaps you feel you need to keep these traits in check. Are you holding these qualities at bay for fear of standing out from the others at work? Do you have a dream that you need to go after? Meditate on the wolf to see what he has to say. Then get past the fear and make him your ally.

Sweet dreams,

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