DreamCast: Her Face Was Covered in Wrinkles

(All in a dream)

I had a strange dream I was hoping you could give me some insight into. In my dream, I was sitting with an old friend whom I haven’t seen in a long time. She was staring at my face and said, “You have dirt on your face.” She began to try and clean it for me. I then realized that my face was covered in wrinkles (which I’m not old enough to have yet!) and in between the wrinkles was a layer of dirt. We both tried to clean my face to no avail. What do you think this could mean?

Maria in Los Angeles

Hello Maria,

One’s face in a dream often represents the “face” we show to the world. The saying “putting on a good face” means showing others what we want them to see about us (and hiding what we don’t want them to see). Conversely, “loosing face” or “having egg on your face” signifies shame. Some questions to ask yourself are, Do you hide who you really are? Is there something in your life you feel ashamed of, as symbolized by the dirt? Do you have an issue with responsibility or time passing, as symbolized by the wrinkles? Also, ask yourself what your friend means to you. Does she remind you of something in your life now or during the time when you were friends? Do you still have an issue with your old friend that you need to resolve? In the dream, she’s helping you, so she’s a positive influence/symbol. To discover what she’s trying to tell you, sit down, close your eyes and imagine her sitting across from you. Ask her why she appeared in your dream. Then consider the first thoughts that pop into your head, which will probably hold the key to the meaning of your dream.

Sweet dreams,

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