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My daughter is 22 years old and my son is 17. I had a really strange dream one morning where my daughter for some reason was only 4 years old but my son was his current age of 17. I took my daughter to school, but it was an unfamiliar school, not any of the ones she had actually attended. I told her to wait in a certain area, but in the meantime, the bell rang and everyone went to their classrooms. When I went back to get her I couldn’t find her anywhere! I went to the office to get them to help me but they wouldn’t call her name over the loudspeaker and they just kept saying they had other ways to find her. I left the office and continued searching but I still couldn’t find her. I went back to the office and demanded they use the loudspeaker but they wouldn’t do that and they wouldn’t call the police. My son came to help, but we still couldn’t find her. I woke up terrified. My birthday is Aug. 9, 1961, my daughter’s birthday is April 24, 1985 and my son’s birthday is Oct. 31, 1989. What could this mean?


Kathi in Reno, Nevada

Dear Kathi,

Your young dream-daughter probably represents an undeveloped part of yourself that you feel you’ve lost. Being a Leo, your destiny is to manifest your creativity. Is there a dream inside you that you’ve put on hold, something that would fulfill your creativity? You told your daughter to wait and she disappeared – what are you waiting for in “real life”? Perhaps your dream-daughter’s age is a clue: Was there something you wanted to accomplish about four years ago – or when your real-life daughter was 4 years old? The school suggests this lost part of you is still in a learning/developing phase. Additionally, the loudspeaker is an intriguing symbol. I think it represents communications – guidance – from other people that you’re looking to assist you in finding your “daughter” – your creative direction. However, that’s not the way you’ll find it. The key to rediscovering your creativity is already inside you. It sounds like you’re about to embark on an exciting new path!

Sweet dreams,


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