DreamCast: Seeing an Astral Body

All in a dream

Nancy in Minnesota writes:

I had a dream when my great-nephew was about a month old. I might add that he was born on my birthday and his mother (my niece) was born on my son’s. I dreamed my sister, her daughter and I were in the back of a van parked in a clearing in the woods. My great-nephew was lying on a blanket in the middle of us. He appeared to be in distress and we were all tending to him. To all our amazement, we realized he was giving birth to himself or to another baby that looked just like him. The new baby, who was dressed in a brilliant white gown, instantly rose to his feet and started walking. I’m usually pretty good at deciphering my dreams, but this one has always puzzled me. What do you think?

Dear Nancy,

I believe what you were seeing was the astral body of your great-nephew rising from his physical body. The astral body often travels to other dimensions while we’re asleep. The brilliant white gown was the energy surrounding his astral body, as seen in the spiritual realm. And because age is insignificant outside of the physical plain, he was able to walk on his own. The brilliant white gown may also indicate that your great-nephew is an “old” soul who is wiser and more purposeful than his young age suggests. If this is the case, he’ll develop strong interests and a “calling” very early on. Because you had this dream, you’re likely in his life to aid in his spiritual progress by helping to recognize and develop his talents. Also, your shared Sun sign suggests you’ll understand his needs and desires, perhaps more than anyone else in the family.

Sweet dreams,

Is it love?

Lisa in New Jersey writes:

I recently divorced my husband of 20 years and I am miserable. I miss him so much and although I am the one who filed for divorce, I was never the one who wanted it. Through the years our relationship was one sided. He broke promises, lied to me, possibly even cheated on me, although to this day he denies that. Two years ago I went through an emotional breakdown and asked him to please help me through it. He responded badly and eventually left me. I waited and waited for things to change before filing, but financially and emotionally I was left with no choice but to proceed with the divorce. I cannot imagine my life without him and I don’t know how to let go or move on. How can you claim to love someone and then abandon them when they need you most? My birthday is 10-14-66, his is 1-16-63. Can you give me some advice please?

Dear Lisa,

You have Sun and Venus in Libra, the sign of love and partnership, so letting go of your marriage and facing life on your own is naturally daunting. However, you have much to give and deserve someone who appreciates who you are. Your Capricorn ex-husband took you for granted, wasn’t there for you and couldn’t give you the closeness you need. Libra and Capricorn is a difficult paring. Capricorn needs to pursue their own goals and agenda, which can seem selfish to a Libra, who often places their partner’s needs before their own. Additionally, his Venus in freewheeling Sagittarius is afflicted by Uranus and Pluto, indicating he values his individuality and freedom more than being married. Not a good stance for his Libra mate! I think the best thing you can do is truly release your ex by using the abundant love in your heart to connect socially with friends, family and even people in your community who would value your friendship. You have a natural talent for bringing people together, so you would do well in a group that organizes community events, either for fun or to help those in need. Also, your Libra placements indicate an interest in art, and your Jupiter in Leo says that lucky opportunities can come through the performing arts, so becoming involved in community performances and art programs, either as an artist or behind the scenes (or fundraising), would be a great outlet for you. Surrounding yourself with intelligent, creative people will inspire your own creative gifts – and present some romantic opportunities as well!

Best of luck,

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