DreamCast: She Hasn’t Seen Him in 11 Years

(All in a Dream)

Between last year and this year, I had several dreams about a male friend who I have not seen in 11 years. At the time, I was very attracted to him and dated him. I think about him often and regret not being with him. What do these dreams mean?

Wanda from New York

Dear Wanda,

Ah, yes, those unrequited feelings that resurface in the dream world! But saying that dreams of lost loves are just about wish fulfillment or unfinished business is only one way to interpret dreams of this kind. Another way to look at your dream is that your former boyfriend is a mirror for you. In other words, he had some quality you want in yourself, or he had a character flaw that’s similar to one of your own that your dealing with now. Or perhaps there was something valuable in your relationship with him that’s missing in your current relationships. I think the dream is encouraging you to do some soul searching about the kind of guy you’d like to become involved with in the long run. Of course, you can always contact your old flame to see if there are still some mutual feelings worth investigating! If that proves to be the case, then your dream is also relevant on a psychic level.

Sweet dreams,

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