DreamCast: Dreams of Her Husband With Other Women

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I keep seeing my husband in my dreams with other women. He died suddenly of a massive heart attack 2-1/2 years ago at age 49. When he sees me in the dream he talks to me for a moment and then he’s gone again. He was a very loving husband and father – a very good man. I miss him so much.

Vickie in Hoopeston, IL

Hello Vickie,

I believe you’re actually visiting with your husband in the afterlife during your dreams. Loved ones on the “other side” will often communicate to us through our dreams. After all, the dream state spans many dimensions – from the psychological (unconscious) to actual places in the astral plains. In other words, dreams can reflect what’s going on inside us emotionally or be vehicles of travel to other dimensions.

As for the women in your dreams, my first thought is that they are acquaintances of his on the other side, perhaps from past lives. They may be friends, family members or teachers. Of course, dreams also reveal our fears, but it doesn’t seem like you have any doubt about your husband’s faithfulness when you were together. At any rate, I really don’t think they represent women he was associated with while living. I’m sorry he left you while so young. If you still have some feelings you’d like to convey to him, perhaps you can tell him during your next dream.

Sweet dreams,

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