Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Whether you’re slogging your way through traffic or soaring on a plane, travel dreams reveal if you’re headed in the right direction. Travel scenarios often explore such questions as, “Am I on the right path?” or “Am I taking the best route to get to my destination or realizing my aspirations?” or “Am I moving too slowly or too fast?”

They can reveal if someone else is in control of your destiny or if there is a roadblock ahead that will stop you in your tracks. Analyzing your dreams will help set you on the right path and guide you toward fulfillment.

Here are some common travel symbols and what they may mean for you:

Automobile: Cars represent your lifestyle and how you direct your life. Also, the condition of the car often represents your health or self-esteem. For instance, if the car is banged up, the dream is telling you that you’re not taking care of yourself or your confidence may have taken a hit. As always, pay attention to the circumstances of the dream, which will give you clues to its meaning.


Driver : If you’re the driver in the dream, then you’re in control of your direction in life

Passenger (front seat) : Being a front-seat passenger means you’re not in charge of your life. You need to “take the wheel” and take an active role in choosing your direction. Take note who’s doing the driving (your boyfriend? mother? boss?). They may be trying to influence you in some way. If a stranger is driving, then an unknown (unconscious) part of you is taking over, such as the ambitious, competent or irresponsible side of you. Mainly, dreaming of a stranger driving means you need to become more aware of how you’re controlling your life.

Passenger (backseat) : You’re taking a really passive stance in life. You need to get clear about your goals and take action!

Driving over rough road : Be on the lookout for challenges ahead.

Speeding : This may indicate you’re getting ahead of yourself and need to think about what you’re doing and where you’re going. Or you may be driving yourself too hard. On the positive side, perhaps you’re feeling “in the flow” of life, at a very fast pace.

Stuck in traffic : A situation in your life that you have little or no control over is slowing you down. Be patient until the way clears. Or you may want to get off the highway (change your plans) and head in another direction. Or perhaps it’s time to get away from what everyone else is doing and create your own, unique path.

Accidents : Dreaming of an accident is a wake-up call to pay attention to what you’re doing. It may warn of an upcoming clash of wills with someone or a shocking situation. And just in case the dream is a precognition, be extra careful while driving.

Buses : Since busses travel along predestinated routes with groups of people, dreaming of a bus ride can signify group consciousness, going along with the crowd, unoriginal thinking or being passive about choosing your direction in life.

Ships : Ships symbolize your spiritual life and how you’re progressing on a spiritual level. Note the condition of the ship. An unkempt or damaged ship can indicate you’re ignoring your connection to Spirit. Ships can also represent how you navigate emotional situations – stormy waters indicate stormy emotions, while calm waters represent inner equanimity. An anchored ship can indicate you’re stuck in a spiritual or emotional rut. Being on a cruise often symbolizes the need to take some time to have fun.

Trains: If you dream of riding a train, ask yourself if you’re on the right “track” in your activities and attitudes. Like buses, trains have predestinated routes and serve groups of people, so ask yourself if you’re going along with the crowd, when you could be going off in your own unique direction. If the train has derailed, you’re train of thought may have been derailed by circumstances in your life.

Planes : Traveling by plane means you have the ability to see your life from a higher perspective. Planes can also represent freedom of thought, high ideals and wide-ranging beliefs and interests. A plane crash can symbolize wrecked hopes, goals or ideas, or a sense of failure. On the other hand, a plane taking flight indicates that an idea or goal in your life is about to take off.

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