December Madness and Your Lover

How do you keep your love alive, maintain the lust and make sex sizzle during the most hectic time of year? Of course you want to sneak in a few memorable moments for just the two but you’re truly too frazzled to even think about romance…

But wait! With a little effort, imagination and commitment – like decking the halls, the showers, the walk-in closet, the garage (are you getting the picture) … with mistletoe, just for starters – you won’t miss a beat keeping your love life fresh in the fun loving spirit of the holidays.

Naughty or nice
Make a long list of the qualities in your lover that you adore, along with the things your lover does, oh, so well, and arrange these desirable things in a “naughty” or “nice” column. Then leave your list under their pillow wrapped in some new lingerie. Or read them aloud to one another right before bed. You’ll both go to sleep with visions of anything but sugar plums dancing in your heads – even if you don’t get to any of the naughty or nice items… right then.

Keep in touch when they’re out battling other shoppers at the mall: Give them a call in the middle of the day or send a text and keep them thinking of you. Try to run out for lunch, coffee or a street corner embrace in the middle of your work day. Sneak away for a breath of “fresh” air when you are in a crowded setting at a party or a family dinner. Leave half an hour early if possible for even more time alone.

T’was the night before…
Not a creature was stirring… well except for the two of you! Have your very own celebration just for the two of you. Go out to your favorite restaurant and toast to your love and the season. Or stay and order in. Have a little wine and cheese while you bake up batches of cookies or decorate the tree together. Whatever you do, make it your own private party. You might want to use this quiet time together to exchange gifts, but most importantly, cherish this quiet time away from all the hustle and bustle. A few hours alone focused on each other will keep you connected and better prepared to handle the seasonal stress.

It’s the little things…
Small thoughtful gifts can be more endearing than something extravagant. What’s your lover’s favorite candy, color or author (O. Henry’s classic novel, Gift of the Magi, is a beautiful example of unselfish love and the irrelevance of material things in light of true love). A handmade scarf, homemade candy, cherished poem or even just the right holiday card with an added personal note or photo will let them know how much they mean to you. You might even consider buying a gift for the home and shopping for it together. Try planning a restorative weekend away for after the holidays for just the two of you. It will be something to look foward to after the madness of the season.

Ultimately, your holiday memories won’t be of gifts, bills or crazy shopping crowds but the beautiful moments you took the time to share together.

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