5 Benefits of Leaving Your Dating Comfort Zone

5 Benefits of Leaving Your Dating Comfort Zone

Your Comfort Zone is a Rut

Dating can be an incredibly exciting experience, but it also comes with many moments of awkwardness and discomfort. Luckily, it’s these less-than-ideal situations that not only give us fodder for happy hour conversations with friends, but also the opportunity to grow and learn about what we want in a romantic partner. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut while playing the field, internalize the following five benefits to stepping outside your dating comfort zone. Soon, you’ll enter a new chapter of your relationship-seeking life and discover exciting options for yourself.

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1. You’ll open yourself up to more possibilities
We all have that list of qualities and characteristics we just have to have in a partner. And when someone doesn’t check all of our proverbial boxes, it’s tempting to simply write them off as not for us. But, allowing yourself to veer from your list from time to time gives you the chance to discover desires you never knew you had. Step out of your comfort zone and open up your dating pool instead of closing yourself off.

2. You’ll potentially change your “type”
As you step outside your dating comfort zone, you may realize you’re not actually as attracted to (or best suited for) the type of partner you thought you wanted. Perhaps you’ve always dated intellectuals or rock climbers or finance nerds. Sure, it can be tough to swap your type for someone totally on the opposite side of your spectrum. But doing so may allow you to discover that your type isn’t actually your type at all.

3. You’ll discover a new side of yourself
Different types of people bring out new sides of us, from conversations we might have with these individuals to the activities we might do with them. Getting a little uncomfortable, so to speak, helps you grow in new, unexpected ways, making you a more multifaceted person.

4. You’ll definitively determine who you don’t want to be with
Of course, stepping outside your comfort zone may just bring you a lot of discomfort. And that’s about it. The great thing about this is that you know you tried, whether it’s accepting a date with someone who’s totally not your type, trying speed dating for the first time or simply going to a bar by yourself to see what happens. In any case, you’ve eliminated a possibility for yourself, which brings you closer to your ideal romantic future and possibly your soulmate.

5. You’ll allow yourself to be more vulnerable
Getting intimate with someone, physically or emotionally, can be uncomfortable at first. There can be misunderstood signals, awkwardness, lapses in conversation—all sorts of things that may make you want to throw in the dating towel. But being uncomfortable helps you practice vulnerability, which is an integral part of being in a deep, loving, and lasting bond. To be truly close to another person, you have to be able to let them in. Giving yourself a chance to do that will help you form more meaningful relationships.

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