6 Tips to Pique a Potential Partner’s Interest

6 Tips to Pique a Potential Partner's Interest

 Show Them You’re Interested Too

When you’re immersed in the dating scene, how you present yourself matters—first impressions, after all, are everything. But it’s not just how you look and what you say that can turn someone on (or off). Your body language says so much about you without you actually having to say a word. Here are six ways to use your body language to pique a potential partner’s interest. You can draw them in and make them fall head over heels in love with you!

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1. Make Eye Contact
In any social situation, eye contact is an important tool for connecting with other people. Looking into someone’s eyes signals that you’re present, you’re listening, and you’re open to creating a relationship. By contrast, looking away (especially at your phone) while someone is speaking to you can be a sign that you don’t care or don’t find them interesting. Also, it’s super rude. That’s why eye contact is a key body language tactic for dating if you really want to pique a potential partner’s interest and show them you’re ready for more too.

2. Be a Little Flirtatious
A little bit coy, a little bit sexy, being flirtatious is especially enticing. You can play with your hair a bit or bite your lip. It lets your potential partner know you’re just as interested in them as they are in you. It also takes a bit of the pressure off them, knowing that you’re working as hard to woo them and they are to woo you. The key is to not be too pushy. If you don’t want someone to be aggressive toward you, don’t be aggressive toward them.

3. Impress Them With Your Intelligence
Pique a potential partner’s interest with your intelligence. Don’t be afraid to talk about subjects that really interest you or the ones you’re really passionate about. You may find that you two share the same interests and passions. However, don’t pretend to have the knowledge you really don’t. Your potential love interest may catch you in a lie and that’s just embarrassing.

4. Touch Them Appropriately
If you’re looking to pique a potential partner’s interest, don’t be afraid to touch them. Just make sure you’re being appropriate. A good rule of thumb is to touch their arm or place your hand on top of theirs. It’s best to stay above the waist unless they’re giving you signals that they’re open to your hand on their knee or more.

5. Lean In Closer
Show a potential love interest you’re engaged in your conversation and engrossed by what they have to say by leaning closer to them. Just be sure you don’t get too close, however. You don’t want to invade their personal space and make them feel like they need to back away to feel comfortable again either.

6. Uncross Your Arms
Having your arms folded over your chest is a clear sign of standoffishness. Even if you don’t mean to come off as closed off, holding this position will certainly send that message and likely won’t pique a potential partner’s interest. Always be aware of your arm placement. You can keep them loose at your sides or gently folded on the table in front of you too.

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  2. Judy

    Can you tell if I ever had / or do I have a chance with this guy I’m crushing on ??? & if you can tell that I may have a chance how should I go about it & what should I do ?? & what should I wear find away to run into him ??? & how should I get him to look at me as a girl who really does line him but not obvious about it please help me .,.,

  3. Judy

    Well I was crushing on this guy thier is completed things I just need to know did I have a chance at one time before the bad happen & Idk & or do I still have a chance with him even though he & my so called friend did me wrong I can’t help thinking about him I mean what if I let him know that I was kinda liking Gil more than a friend & maybe just be friends with bennefits to start not wanting anything serious or a public addiction do you think I would or if I run into him do I still have a chance with him / do you think he would feel the attraction ??? & if so talk about what happen ??? Does or did he have feeling beyond a friendship really need to know this feeling I’m getting in my stomach (butterflies I’m guessing what it is , it’s just soo sting on my end please tell me what to do & if he was intrested in Moore than friends & if I see him should I say hi or just ignore him ???

    1. Judy

      Hey sorry but I’m curious how long does it take & what days are best for me & him to run into each other ??? & is he a potent Iona’s love interest & could he be my soulmate??

    2. Judy

      Can you tell if I ever had / or do I have a chance with this guy I’m crushing on ??? & if you can tell that I may have a chance how should I go about it & what should I do ?? & what should I wear find away to run into him ??? & how should I get him to look at me as a girl who really does line him but not obvious about it please help me .,.,

    1. Anya

      Whitney, I think number three , isn’t actually about hair as attraction, but rather the act of fidgeting that draws the others attention- playing with hair, is about fidgeting, people usually do that when they are in a nervous state. So I think anything fidgety activity will do whether it be touching your hair, playing with a necklace/earring/jewelry, adjusting a collar etc. People will look at you a little longer if they see you fidget, it draws their attention aswell. But if hair is what you wish to show this nervous energy through, maybe consider adjusting baby hairs,weave, braids, a big updo/bun or some type of hair style you may have to adjust or check from time to time

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