The 9 Rules of Cuffing Season

The 9 Rules of Cuffing Season

Just Until Spring

The air is chilly, the lakes are empty, and the nights are growing longer and colder. It’s cuffing season or the time of year when those who prefer to fly solo suddenly become open to the idea of “cuffing” themselves to another person. They want winter cuddles, movie dates on the couch, warm feet under the covers, and arm candy for holiday parties. However, aside from these benefits they can also experience misunderstandings and hurt feelings too. If you’re looking for someone to cuff yourself to, you might want to keep these nine rules in mind.

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1. Don’t Cuff Your Ex
An ex should stay an ex—even if great sex with them seems to be the perfect way to spend the colder months. They’re your ex for a reason and you can’t expect to have sex with them and leave the emotional baggage you share at the door. This cuffing season, opt for someone you don’t have a history with.

2. Keep Your Focus
Just because your relationship is temporary, that doesn’t mean it won’t consume all your free time. Make sure you still make time for your other interests and responsibilities. Having a temporary partner shouldn’t take the focus away from personal and professional goals. Cuffing season shouldn’t distract you from your permanent, long-term relationships either!

3. Make Your Own Rules
You make the rules when it comes to how you want to participate in cuffing season. What role will this person play in your life during your temporary relationship? Can they sleep over or not? Will they attend holiday parties with you or not? How will you distinguish this relationship from a one-night stand or committed relationship? Whatever rules you make, be sure to make the other half of this relationship aware of your limits and boundaries. Chances are they have a few of their own too.

4. Stick to Your Rules
What’s the point of having cuffing season rules if you don’t stick to them? It’s best not to go back on your rules if you don’t want to end the season too early or on a sour note. This season is about convenience, happiness, and pleasure, but all that can be spoiled if you break your rules or let them get broken. Remember, you don’t have to cuff yourself to just one person per season. Don’t be afraid to let them go if you see things turning into a tangled mess.

5. Cuff Responsibly
Use birth control! If you don’t want any souvenirs from cuffing season, other than some good memories and sexual satisfaction, make sure that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to STIs and babies. There’s nothing worse than letting a temporary romance turn into a huge responsibility.

6. Summer Flings are Not Winter Cuffs
There is a difference between a fling and a cuff. Flings are meant to be quick while cuffs are meant to last—temporarily. Flings don’t meet your friends and family. Cuffs play the role (temporarily) of the winter boyfriend or girlfriend. Can you form attachments to flings and cuffs? Of course, you can! That’s why you need to establish different ground rules for both.

7. Don’t Play Games
Cuffing season isn’t about playing games like “Hard to Get” or other types of power games. Save that for the people you want to pursue the rest of the year—if you’re into playing games. Instead, cuffing season is just about enjoying each other’s company in a safe setting where both of you are at the reins.

8. Be Attentive
Just because you’re into cuffing, that doesn’t mean you get to be disrespectful or inattentive. These relationships mimic long-term relationships more than flings do, so planning dates and checking in on each other is still a must. You both need to feel important and you both need to put in the effort during cuffing season.

9. Be Discreet
If you don’t want to explain to friends and family what cuffing season is and who this person is, consider keeping them separate for the season. However, you don’t want to make this person feel like your dirty little secret either. You can limit your dates to a few per week or introduce them as your friend to make your lives a little easier. Remember, not everyone is going to understand or be cool with your temporary relationship that looks like a long-term relationship in some ways.

Romance on Your Terms

Cuffing season can be a real eye-opener. Not everyone wants long-term love in their life, and cuffing season is just one way to experience all the benefits of being in a relationship for a short time. When it comes to love, sex, and romance, you get to decide what you want and as long as you and the object of your desires are on the same page, cuffing season can be fun and full of pleasure!

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