After The Divorce

People who are loved and losing – losing badly – often won’t let go of their situation because they can’t imagine a different life, cautions Rose Mary ext. 9549 about one of the staggeringly painful effects of divorce. But it is this kind of inertia that produces destructive blows to the self-esteem, ignites fear and extinguishes the hope for a better future. “When clients call in at vulnerable moments like these, the truth may be hard to listen to, but the truth heals,” the Clairvoyant and Empath relays from her heart.

“How can I get my husband back?” a tearful voice asked Rosemary.He says he wants a divorce,” continued Rachel (not her real name) about her husband of 22 years. “I just need to know that he won’t go through with it!” the caller pleaded.

“I’m sorry, I know this will be hard to hear,” said the Clairvoyant and Empath as she tuned in on Rachel’s voice for answers to her question. “Your husband has been cheating on you with a younger woman. He will leave you. There is nothing you can do except to take your power back.”

Rachel spoke through her tears blaming herself unmercifully for every aspect of the failure of her marriage. She knew in her heart that Rosemary’s information was exactly what had been going on behind her back. Her self-esteem had been dwindling since her husband had closed the door on her emotionally and physically several years ago, yet despite how painful and humiliating her personal life had become, she could not see beyond it.

Rosemary’s guides confirmed that Rachel’s life would make a turn for the better with the inevitable breakup. “It will begin with someone you know named Michael and a wonderful job offer. I don’t see you as being alone for the rest of your life. In time, you will love again.”

“Who would hire me, she said in response to the news about a better job. I have a fun little weekend job in a gift store… I don’t have any skills… No one will want me. I’m not any good on the computer… ” As they hung up Rosemary suggested that Rachel concentrate on letting go. She suggested that she begin meditating to “lighten up” her attitude about herself and concentrate on her strengths.

Two weeks later Rachel called the psychic back. “Remember that you said I would love again. I feel like if I find someone… I can get through this. I want to know when I’ll meet the one?”

Rosemary’s guides, told the psychic to tell Rachel that she is “the one” for now. “You need to fall in love with yourself first. What I still see for you right now, is the name Michael and a job offer at a newspaper, working around writers. Have you been thinking about moving to a condo in the country?” she asked her caller. “I see you moving.”

“I need a job! I’m frightened about money. I don’t have any job skills. I’d like to move out of the city,” Rachel acknowledged, “but I can’t unless I get a good full-time job.”

“You know someone who works for a newspaper,” Rosemary reiterated,” but you’re not putting it together?”

Less than a week later, Rachel called Rosemary with the news that a friend of a friend who worked at a major newspaper was looking for an administrative assistant. If she got the job, she would go through a short training period and be brought up to speed on all of the computer skills necessary to do the job.

She called Rosemary, excited, yet afraid that she wouldn’t make it through the interview process. Since she had begun meditating and walking after dinner, she had lost one dress size. So, she was eager to buy something new for the interview. Rosemary’s guides told her that she would get the job. They suggested colors for her interview outfit, and that she write out her intention to get the job. Rachel gave Rosemary the names of the people who would be interviewing her. Her guides gave her insight into each person to help ease her nerves and reminded her to let her soul shine through at the meetings.

After several months on the job, Rachel called Rosemary. “My new job is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me! I’m ready to begin looking for a new home. “And, I was wondering,” she asked sheepishily, “do the guides think I’m ready for love, now?”

They both laughed. “Love will come when you feel complete and don’t feel you need to replace one man with another. I know this is hard for you to hear, but you still have some work in front and some wonderful changes to make including your move. I see you living near a beautiful stream.”

“Well okay then,” Rachel responded. “We’ve done well so far, what happens next?” Her client replied happily.

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