Can it Ever Work Again?

Have you ever wondered what your first love is up to? Do you still think of them at times and wonder how you ever let them get away? You both were very, very young… you had a lot of living and learning to do so life went on.

If you’ve had your first love on your mind, you’re not alone, reports Brenna ext. 9592, a Clairvoyant and Empath who has been seeing a trend in the increased number of calls from baby boomers, (especially those in their 50s) with their mind on a former high school sweetheart. Usually the calls come after a divorce or the loss of a spouse has left them alone.

They call to find out where their former sweetheart lives, if they are married, whether or not they should contact them and if the psychic sees them still holding any feelings for the caller. In so many cases, these feelings ran very deep for both people. Often, one half of the couple is married, but enjoys catching up when they are contacted… And sometimes, love comes around a second time.

This was the case with Patricia (not her real name) and James (not his real name). Patricia, who still lived in Connecticut where she grew up, did a Google search for her first very serious boyfriend. They had been together during their senior year in high school, attended all the big events as a couple, and were genuinely crazy about each other. But, they went away to college, his family left the area and James was drafted into the army soon afterwards, so the two lost touch.

Patricia, a divorced mother of three, in her early 50s, had found an email address for James. “Should I write?” she asked Brenna on her first call, nervous that she would be interfering in his life, and embarrassed at the same time at the vulnerability of it all. “We were so young, but I’ve thought of him often over the years.” What if he’s not interested in hearing from me?” she asked the psychic.

Empathically Brenna felt this would be a positive experience for her, but she needed to look deeper into the issue. “I asked Patricia for his name and she also remembered his birth date. From that information I sensed that James was not living in the United States. I couldn’t name the exact area he was in, but I knew it was Asia… When I’m looking for people, I generally see a map of the world and then the area lights up. I felt that he was living there for his career and that he was in sales. I got a strong sense of him, as if he was in my body… “

Patricia asked if James would be interested in hearing from her.

“I got the sense that he was also divorced with children,” reveals the psychic. “Then I showed him a mental picture I had of Patricia and he lit up. She was in his heart. I felt that he would welcome her email.”

It wasn’t long before the psychic, who feels her great strength is the clarity in her readings, heard from Patricia again. “You were right,” she affirmed to Brenna. “He’s living in China… and he was honestly excited to hear from me!” They were emailing daily and had shared several long memorable phone calls. The communication was good, and there was a spark in their conversations.

He mentioned that he would be traveling to the US for business and that he would like to see her.

Patricia asked Brenna, if he would really come to visit her. “I felt he would, but I had to tell her to have patience, as she would not be seeing him for at least four months,” she explained. The news was disappointing, yet it was good for Patricia, says the Empath, as she didn’t waste her time waiting by the front door. She was able to go on with her life, with the knowledge that a meeting was somewhere in the not too distant future.

A month later than Brenna had predicted, James added three days to a business trip to the US to spend time with Patricia. She called to tell me it was as if no time had passed between them. She wondered if he felt the same.

“I affirmed to her that he had had an amazing time. I think she knew… but she wanted to hear it from me,” said Brenna.

He had also talked about moving back to the US. He was going to look into taking the same job, but in Florida, where his children lived, and he had asked her how she felt about the possibility of living in Florida.

Patricia called again a few weeks later, as James had stopped talking about moving back to the states. She was afraid to ask if he’d changed his plans. She did not want to mess with his life, as they really hadn’t spent much time together.

“I felt that James was not really happy in Asia,” Brenna told Patricia. “Her showing up in his life was a sign to him that it was time to move back to America.

“I felt he was planning to move back. He wasn’t talking about it because he had doubts that he could make it work with his company. Once again I told her to give it some time – at least five months.”

The last time Patricia called it was because she had been flying down to Florida to spend time with James at his new home, near Miami. Things were going phenomenally well and he wanted her to move in with him. She said she would be comfortable with that. “I haven’t heard from her because she said she would only call if things weren’t working out!” the psychic said happily.

“The message to this story,” tells Brenna, “is that unless someone is off balance, we’re not alone in our feelings about someone else. Most people shouldn’t discount those feelings as not worth checking into. Especially when a love has been deep, the other person could even be sending out the energy to contact them.”

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