Dating Do’s

Sometimes when you’re dating, you get so caught up in the desire to meet someone, that you forget what you should really be focusing on. So consider these very important indicators that you’re onto something good.

1. You like who you are when you’re together
One of the biggest indicators that a relationship has promise or is working is that you like you when you’re spending time with the other person. While we have no control over who other people are, we are the dictators of our own destiny. If you want to spend your time feeling satisfied with yourself, acceptable and at ease, then it’s really important you feel that way when you’re with a mate. If you find you’re not feeling secure and you’re questioning things all the time, there are some issues… Those issues may be the other person, sure… but they may also be with you. Whatever they are, something is up, and you need to delve deeper and figure it out!

2. You feel good telling your friends (and family) about it!
Ever notice that when you know you’re dating someone who’s not good for you, you hestitate sharing information about the person? It’s because your instincts, if you follow them, will usually guide you in the right direction. Well, at least it will tell you what the right direction is – whether you follow it or not is a different thing altogether. In short, if you’re excited deep down in your gut to share your stories about dates or emails or telephone calls, it’s probably with good reason. Does that mean this person is “the one”? Of course not. But we do usually know instinctively if someone is into us. See number 1.

3. You’re excited, but not needy
When you feel like you can’t possibly spend a moment without a person, you may think it’s destiny, but the truth is, it’s the opposite. On the other hand, if you’re fine in your day to day life, but are looking forward to getting to know someone better (and to your future dates), things are on a healthy track. Love takes time, and the most successful relationships will bring to complete individuals together. So the happier you are on your own, when coupled with the excitement of a potential match, the better your odds of success.

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