Give Thanks To Your Lover

We sometimes overlook the things that are right in front of our face! Think about it, do you write your lover a thank you card for every little Tiffany blue box you’re presented with? Probably not. But you would never forget to write one to your mother for the same gesture…

Since it’s the time of year to take stock of the things (and people) in your life that you’re grateful for, don’t forget the person lying next to you. Ask yourself if you’ve shown your gratitude to the individual who brings you the most pleasure in life – your lover!

Below you’ll find some simple little suggestions for letting them know how happy you are to have them by your side – in and out of the bedroom!

Make a date
As the season heats up and things get hectic, it’s easy to take each other for granted. After all, you’ve got commitments, other people are counting on you and more. Your schedule is tight… and when you get home from shopping and the parties and the late hours wrapping up loose ends at work as the year reaches its close, you’re exhausted! It’s not exactly hot love time and it’s certainly not time for planning.

The good news is, your lover knows this – because most likely, they’re feeling it too. So, if you really want to make them feel special, schedule some time to show them a little appreciation. How that manifests is up to you – but a full body massage, a hot soak in the tub (together!), a take-out dinner eaten late night by candlelight are all easy options that don’t require much effort, yet they speak volumes. What you’re going for is something that says It’s just you and me, babe! (if only for the hour). The gesture (whether naughty, nice or some saucy combo) will help remind them that, even when you’re torn in a zillion directions, they’re still first and foremost in your head – and heart.

Technological advances
Whether it’s via cell phone, text message, email or IM, these days, we’re all accessible at the touch of a button. Oftentimes (especially for those of us who remember when it wasn’t this way), the constant communication can be annoying. We come to expect requests and lists at any time of day (do this right now or do that before you come home) and mid-day messages become just one more thing to add to our already over-scheduled schedules. But we’re all willing to be surprised! In addition to easy access, technology also offers us a chance to say the things we otherwise might not have the courage to say… In other words, a chance to talk dirty without fear of embarrassment!

Just when your partner thinks you’re messaging to say, “Can you pick up the dry cleaning?” or that you’ll be late coming home – anything of the mundane variety – surprise them with something sexy and suggestive. Bonus points if it’s a promise for when they get home!

Fantasies do come true
If you’ve been paying attention, your lover probably has, at some point or another, expressed an interest in something romantic. Think back… if it wasn’t directly stated, did they ooh and ahh over a commercial you’ve seen or a story they’ve read? Did you notice them quietly raise an eyebrow at something risqué? Sometimes, it’s easier to figure out what they’d like than you think.

Is there anything that you haven’t acted on yet? A desire to be served breakfast in bed, perhaps, or one to be pampered with a relaxing foot massage. Maybe it’s something more scandalous like indulging in a sexual fantasy via role-play or something more naughty. Now’s the time to act on it.

No matter what you do to show appreciation to your one and only, it will be worth the effort!

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