Help Your Partner Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

Help Your Partner Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

Influence Your Partner

If you’re in a relationship, you can influence your partner and they can influence you—for better or worse. One of the best ways to influence your partner is to help them step out of their comfort zone. Getting them to stretch themselves in new ways will help them (and you) discover more about who they are.

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If you’re looking to help your partner grow, onward and upward, consider these five easy tips. Even if they aren’t the type to easily change, these tips are doable and will yield great results. You can also make these changes together!

1. Make Little Changes Every Day
Rather than make a drastic change, try changing one small thing every day. For example, you could take a walk after work instead of lying on the couch. You could ride your bikes to brunch on Sundays instead of driving, or take a cooking class together. These kinds of little steps will help your partner grow and the fact that you’re taking them together will make your partner feel comfortable with change.

2. Step It Up With a Shared Adventure
Take change to the next level and go on an adventure. If you stay in luxury hotels when you travel, try sleeping out under the stars in your own private campsite instead. If you’re campers, live it up in a luxury hotel. You can also tackle a new project together, like organizing your home, starting a garden, or painting the walls in your bedroom. Let something you’ve never done before challenge both of you to step outside your comfort zones.

3. Help Them Pursue a Dream
Is there something your partner has always wanted to do but hasn’t worked up the nerve to go for it? If it’s far outside their comfort zone, you can help them. Encourage them and be enthusiastic so they feel confident enough to take a leap into the unknown. Work out a plan of attack with them and break down their goals into smaller, more doable goals. With your help, your partner can step out of their comfort zone and make their goals happen.

4. Encourage Continued Education
Learning something new is a great way to get your partner out of their comfort zone and come away with helpful skills. Taking a class is a small commitment outside of their comfort zone because it may only require a few hours a week for a finite period of time. So, grab some local college brochures (or get online) and help your partner pick something fun to try. You may even be inspired to sign up, too.

5. Set the Example
If your partner is hesitant to step outside their comfort zone, you can step outside of your comfort zone first. While you can’t force them to try new things, you can be an example of the growth and fulfillment that comes when you change up your life. If you have a goal that’s just gathering dust, take a step toward achieving it. If there’s a skill you want to learn but you’re nervous about trying it, take the leap. Embrace the unknown and your partner will, too.

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