Is Your Relationship Good Enough?

How to Have a Happy Marriage or Relationship

Do you have a happy marriage and a strong relationship? Do you constantly wonder if you are living the relationship dream? Don’t worry; most people go through questioning during short or long-term relationships. A happy relationship and marriage includes personal, emotional and physical effort, and it is always a smart move to check in with your relationship status. If you are seeking relationship advice or marriage advice, we have the solutions for you. Check out our “How to Have a Happy Marriage or Relationship” advice tips and get ready to put some effort in if needed.

Talk the Talk

Communication is the key to the door of any healthy relationship. If you are not the talkative or expressive type, you might want to work on your communication skills. By communicating, you can achieve miracles. By nature, people need to share their emotions and feelings on a constant basis, yet some of us hold it in because we are afraid to be hurt. Once you have found someone you trust and adore, open up to them at your own pace. The more you communicate through a strong relationship or marriage; the more you will find happiness with every word.

Reach Out

If you are not the expressive type, don’t worry. There are little actions you can take to show the one you love that you care about them. A gentle touch every now and then can do wonders. When you walk by the one you love, touch their arm, neck or shoulder, or any other part of their body you fancy. They will be constantly reassured about your affections.

Action Still Does Speak Louder Than Words

If you are asking yourself whether your relationship is enough, then take it to the test. The only way you will find out whether you have a strong marriage or relationship is by making an effort. If it is not received well, then maybe you have to take a look at whether you are meant for each other. Show affections, express your emotions on paper and verbally and take action. People trust people who show their feelings by action. Try, try again. If it is not accepted, check into whether you are with the right mate.

“Honesty is an important component in any relationship.” – Giovanna ext. 5214

Good Enough or Great?

Is your relationship good enough or GREAT? This is the question most individuals in a relationship ask. A “good enough” relationship or marriage isn’t “good enough.” You must demand greatness in all of your relationships. Everyone deserves to feel ultimate love and to experience a friendship unlike any other. Ask yourself; Are you happy? Do you crave expression? Has your partner expressed their love? Do they treat you with respect? Do you treat them with respect? Do you show your love in any manner possible? Do you feel as though your mate is your best friend? Friendship is very important in any strong relationship and does lead to a successful marriage. If you met as lovers, work on your friendship. A successful relationship or marriage can be achieved if friendship is present.

“Change is always to be welcomed rather than feared because it leads to the best relationship choices and the greatest freedom.” – Faith ext. 9608

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Relationship Good Enough?

  1. Andrea

    I believe you MUST leave for any change to take place. He has no reason to change right now. Threats lose their power after not being acted on plus you are setting a standard of how you are willing to be treated…that you are willing to play second fiddle to his addiction. Insist he get help if he cannot stop on his own. Pack your things and lovingly tell him you’re going to give him some time and space to work out his issues and find a way to work out his addictions. Tell him you’d love to consider a reconciliation AFTER he’s been clean and sober for 6 months…otherwise you wish him the best. You have plans for your own future and enabling an addict just isn’t one of them. Without you there to support him in his addiction he will most likely get the help he needs. If he chooses not to, atleast you know where he stands…that his promises to stop are empty and he has no intentions of stopping. He may be one who has to hit a “rock bottom” before wanting to stop but he’s more likely to do that with you not living there or being in a relationship with him.

  2. andria

    Am in a relationship for three years, i love this guy but he has a serious addiction problem, he keep saying he is going to stop and i keep giving him chances to change, but each time he does the same thing, we live together and it seem so hard for me to leave each time i say am leraving,i see this relationship going no where if he continue, i jus dont know what to do.


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